Universes Beyond: Y Ddraig Goch

I felt like trying to write a book. I need to sleep now and can write no longer. I decided to post even if it is a rough draft.

Introduction letter:

Let me tell you a tale of the future, my future, and my past though I do not know how long it will take to reach this state. I have a deep rich history, a story to illustrate many truths, but that is not the sole focus on this work. When I was a child I daydreamed often, a psychic in the channeling state told me that what I was daydreaming was based on the memories of where I came from.

You see, I am not quite like the other humans. I am what Kryon, channeled by Lee Carol, would call an Old Soul. Another channeler, Darryl Anka channeling Bashar, would describe this differently. Yet, it does not matter which particular cup of tea you follow. Bashar says that anything you can imagine does exist, this aligns deeply with me, as I believed that on some level, every story ever written becomes real. The more who read the story, the more versions of this reality exist.

So I am going to tell you what will become of the world and myself, in one particular reality of existence. For instead of my childhood daydreams being illustrations of the Past my Soul lived before coming to Earth, this is what my soul will become with slight modification to be understood in the context of experiences we have now.

You see, that on many levels of existence language is telepathic and names are not needed as everyone has a different resonance of feeling to them. I start out this journey of putting into words what have been carrying with me all my life. The task before me is enormous and this endeavor I have never completed beyond a few chapters. Now that I have a wonderful cup of organic chai next to me, that I should not be drinking this late, but it tastes so good I cannot help it, now I am feeling up to tackling this challenge.


Chapter One:

The room was messy and the tea good, Lisa sat in her blue sweatshirt, in blue jeans on a blue lazy boy chair. She was about 30 years of age and had been working Part-time on Disability for years. It was dark outside of the curtain drawn window the time on the computer sitting on her lap stated Thu 12:30.

A pulse of energy started at the base of her spine matching the energy put out by the Earth Heartbeat of 7.83 Hz. A wave of energy entered from the top of her head as well shooting through her spine down into the base of the Earth. A portal of many dimensions opened up in the center of the throat chakra and its energy spread from the power of voice into the power of her fingers. Whatever she wrote now, on her computer would on some dimension be her experience. She would live the feelings, emotions, and thoughts of those characters depicted, choose therefore wisely the mythology created.

Her fingers moved slowly from key to key, for she had never been a fast typer. From the center of the screen where the words resided an energy of magic weave into the portal. The seen became unseen as all became dark.


Light. The bright light of the noon sun shone through the layer of skin on a young girl’s eyelids. Her name was Lori. She was an Urban Fox Spite. She had been flying to school when she stopped to rest by the river only to lie down in the grass next to the river and fall asleep. She had spent a long night working at the local tavern as it had been open late for the first round of the Song and Dance competition. If there is one thing about Urban Spite’s, it is that they use any excuse to spend time Singing and Dancing.

Waking up finally due to hunger, Lori realized how late she was for school. The city was within sight. Suddenly, from her back grow giant eagle wings, which she spread out to take to the sky with the speed of a hawk. She completed the remaining distance between her rural town that could barely be called a town and the big city where she learned and worked in no time.

The city had tall buildings, the bottom part of the building was much like a human city, but you could find balconies with doors to enter high above the ground for the Urban Spites. Usually, the door was on the top floor or roof so that the Urban Spites did not need to maneuver through the buildings.

Lori’s school had been modeled after human schools with lockers and separate classrooms for different subjects. Lori soon discovered there wasn’t enough time for lunch and rushed to the first afternoon Social Studies class. Entering, she was surprised to see a human male was at the front of the classroom. By human standards, he would have been tall and thin, yet by Urban Spite standards he looked short and healthy. He was still sweating from the workout of walking up all those stairs.

The classroom otherwise filled with female Urban Sprites.

“Sorry, Ms. Margot, for being late to school,” Lori said to an adult Urban Sprite who had been talking to the human.

“You will have to tell that to your other teachers. Just be glad you didn’t miss our most important class of the year,” replied Ms. Margot Owl.

Lori rushed to her seat. The Urban Spite next to her was dressed up like a doll with bows and pink ribbons and called Diablo. Diablo whispered in the cutest way possible, “You will have to tell me all about the Song and Dance Competition. I wish I were old enough to join a band and travel.”

All the other girls nearby shuttered as Diablo spoke. Diablo was cursed by the gods to always appear and sound terrifying because she had been found by them in realms forbidden. For some reason, Lori saw Diablo as she actually was. To keep her from talking about these realms they stole all her memory before they handed her over. Diablo had no idea where she came from.

Lori had also been handed over by the Gods with no memory due to being in such realms, only her curse was a horrible singing voice, which was no better than a common human’s, and to appear strangely unattractive for an Urban Fox Spite except for when she was in her fox form… she was a cute fox.

“They will not be revealing those who go to the next round until the party tonight. Come over and watch,” said Lori.

“You know they would not like to see me there,” said Diablo. Lori was always amazed at how cute Diablo actually sounded, and wondered how much she had practiced sounding that way.

“Wear your cutest dress and go anyway,” said Lori.


Ms. Margot Owl stood up in front of the class and the room became silent.

“I would like to introduce Richard Green from the Angel Resistance Society. He will be telling us about Angels in relations to Humans and Urban Sprites.” Richard stood in front of the class as tall as he could in a green suit that reminded Lori of Nazis, only she had no idea what a Nazi was. She often came up with associations that she did not understand.

“I am going to give you a basic overview and then tell you what the modern Angel is like.

Angels evolved naturally and were the first humanoid species. They were the rulers the beings in the Fae realms and the animals. The demi-gods looked at the Angels and saw them lacking, so the took the D.N.A. from the Angels to create Humans. The Humans were made to be perfect while the Angels were lustful. The Angels would sing and dance all day. They would not spend time working for the demi-gods and only busied themselves with the realms of nature. From the energy of their song and dance, the plants would grow, but the demi-gods wanted cities and rectangles instead of curvy lines.

So the Humans began to build cities, but once they cleared the land of trees to have space to build the Angels would come and dance. The next day new trees would be growing through their contraction.

The demi-gods created a curse for the angels, where their soul no longer had the ability to change species or gender and other souls could not become that of an Angel.

So the demi-gods turned the Humans to capture the females of the Angels. For without females they could not breed as quickly. The demi-gods took the female Angels into their labs and created a third form of being the Sprite. A Sprite is an Angel with a disconnection from the Soul whereas they do not as quickly access memories from Past Lives.

Like the Angels you Sprites also shamefully dance and sing, but they lack the power to turn song and dance into power for the Fae realm. While you have more Magical Power than a Human you cannot compare to an Angel in full power.

A few male Angel’s were turned into Sprites as well so that the new species could reproduce. And so you Sprites came to stand beside Humans for their Entertainment and Usefulness.

The Angels had originally been as defenseless as a flock flightless birds that knew of no prey. Yet, the more females the humans captured for the demi-gods to liberate into a preferred form the more deadly they became.

The animals and Fae also turned against the Humans to defend the remaining female Angels so that their source of power would not disappear. War began for the first time and those who work for the true God, the gods, who are greater and power than the demi-gods stepped in to stop it from spreading.

They could not undo the curse on the Angels or that the Angels had too many males and too little females. They, however, transformed the Angels into a reproductive system more like that of a bee. The female Angels suddenly could have more children with many different males whereas, before they had mated for life.

The Sprites had too few males for a number of females. They, like the Angels, were extremely picky about their mate and liked to spend a lot of time together before mating. However, the few males did not have enough time to reproduce with all the females this way. So they made the males less picky and turned them into celebrities whom the female Spites begin to be down into watching Interviews, Music Videos, and Movies of at puberty. An age you will be reaching soon. They females study the different males for a long time before they are comfortable pursuing one to have a child with.

The gods made a treaty where the demi-gods agreed to turn no more Angels into Sprites. The animals and Fae stopped attacking the Humans as often, and crops began to grow again.

Yet, then the most disgraceful thing happened, the Humans began to trade with the Angels. The Angels began to build cities like the Humans, and the divide between them was growing thinner every day.

Some of the demi-gods created Y Ddraig Goch, this world, where the Angels could not travel. They called those who knew the true nature of Angels to move to this blessed world and prevented others from crossing the border into this paradise.

They were upset that they could only create a barrier between one world and created the Angel Resistance Society to create tension in the other worlds between the animals, Fae, Angels, Humans, and Sprites.

If you want to join our Society, we will reveal to you exactly what the demi-gods have instructed us to do. Unless you join our Society you will never be able to travel beyond the border into the other worlds.”

Chapter One Continued

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