Hello Followers of my Blog,

I had too much tea too late at night last night and as a result stayed up late writing. I actually meant to read the book “A Dweller on Two Planets,” but just reading the first page of the Preface made me want to write my book instead.

After deciding it was too late to continue writing, I stayed up even later finding a good place to post my draft. You see Blogs are not designed for book format. I want to have as much of an excuse to keep writing as possible, so I posted my draft at the Writers Cafe.

I might create a way to hold the draft in the pages of this blog, but I will also be posting on for easy draft access. I am at a stage where I should not focus on reviews. The draft stage of the book is where you get the book out on paper without criticizing how good it is, and in the editing phase, you reflect.

I hope I will have time tonight to continue the First Chapter I think it is too short. So will be posting, “First Chapter Continued” and maybe “Beginning Second Chapter.”

At this point, I do not need to focus on getting published or self-publishing, finding an editor to help me, or not. This is the draft where everything must get out on the page for book one. Did I tell you I have an enormous task ahead of me? Well, it all starts with the draft of book one.

Not many authors would offer up a draft of a book before the book is complete and successful… I do not know how much the draft will look like the final piece. GTG bye.


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