Question: Why do your ADs take up so much space?


I have a dream of making it as a Blogger. So much so I invested $79 to upgrade my site because the Ads annoyed me so much. Yet, than I changed my mind. I turned on the Ads again so that I could track out much money I would be making. Not only that I turned on more Ads than I originally had. I want my readers to be used to Ads being on my site and not to be surprised.

If I am given the chance to write Ads for money on my site, I plan on accepting that offer. I visited many writing sites about how to make money as a writer and they tell you to get your readers used to seeing written Ads by doing them ASAP. I currently do not have any offers for running written Ads. I have never taken one before, but turned one down many months ago.

I can now only make up my own free Advertisements for channelers that interest me in order to prepare my audience for such a day. I must warn you, one of the rules of posting a written Ad is that you must not tell your readers that it is an Ad or Guest Post. This is why I originally turned down the offer of $80-100 for one written Ad on my site.

I am telling you this now because I do not want to trick my reader when another offer comes in and I cannot tell you it is an Advertisement. I do not know if having this post will detour possible sponsors, but I really must be honest. Maybe the next offer that comes in will let me mention they are a sponsor.

In fact, for the fun of it, I am going to pursue sponsors!

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