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This post might be reserved for women or at least a mature man. Many years ago, I started skipping periods after never having done so before. When it hit three months, I talked to a Doctor about it. The problem disappeared during my diet almost immediately. However, I could not maintain the strictness of a diet for more than 6 months. Now I often skip periods for up to 9 months at a time.

My Doctor blamed the lack of a cycle on not having enough hormones for the amount of weight on my body. Due to the fact that I have hirsutism (small thick little hairs on my face), my hormones are not powerful enough to spread through the access weight. As I have grown older the number of hairs I have to pluck has increased. My Mother has this condition along with most my sisters. It is likely the reason I have a deep voice for a female.

My Doctor said if I wanted my period back, I would need to go on birth control. I, however, did not mind missing periods other the fact it indicates an underlying health issue. My past Doctor had been worried about my hirsutism and had an ultrasound done of my ovaries to be sure I didn’t have a condition often linked to it called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS.) The ultrasound and a blood test both proved I did not have this condition, but one of my sisters had it.

Before heading out for a cruise, I attended a Healing Night and had Reiki done on me for free. In Ann Arbor, there is a get together of those certified in Reiki where, after a $10 entrance fee, you can get a healing. The Healer told me afterward that they were told to be extra gentle around the ovary area.

Only days later my period returned during my cruise. Only my period was very light more like spotting for days. The cruise was in October and I did not have another until the beginning of January. I believe this return of the period, light as it is, was brought on due to the fact that the week before I went through a whole box of Plantation Mint Bigelow Tea.

I had heard in a Youtube video on how to slow down unwanted hair growth that Spearmint could help. So I found the only kind of tea that had Spearmint in it at my grocery store. Spearmint is supposed to help decrease testosterone and increase female hormones in the body.

A little web searching on Spearmint lead to me to someone called Dr. Briffa who says that Spearmint and a low carb diet can help ‘hairy women.’ You can read the article if you are interested.

I think my ‘missing periods’ is actually partially due to accession symptoms and being part of what Channeler Darryl Anka calls the “Hybridization Program.” However, it is also linked with a genetic imbalance of hormones whereas I have a bit more male hormones than the average female.

Some Channelers have said, that we are reaching a middle ground in the divide between genders. The males are becoming more feminine and the females more masculine. I guess I am a testament to this statement. I am unsure how my particular balance of hormones effects my mood.

In hopes of being a bit more healthy, I bought 6 boxes of organic spearmint tea from Amazon.

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