I set out to create some magickal art, however, all I ended up doing is drawing cute animals, deleting them and drawing another cute animal. I finally decided to finalize one of them. This is an example of the kind of artwork I do when I am taking notes. Only it is with Pen so lacks color and uses the pen for shading. This is also an example of why people used to tell me I should illustrate children’s books.

I learned today that a sigil should be designed in the present tense so instead of “I will earn…” simply try “I earn.” However, let’s look at the mentality of the sigil “I will earn a Full-time Income Blogging.” Beyond pushing the manifestation into a future state instead of the present so that you will always be chasing the manifestation instead of realizing it, there is the word ‘EARN.’ This comes with the connotation that a Full-time Income is something that requires hard work. It gives it the impression that it is hard to do.

So the correct grammar for a powerful sigil is not the statement “I will earn a Full-time Income Blogging.” The correct grammar for powerful manifestation that goes beyond the limits of what you think possible is the statement, “I make a Full-time Income Blogging.” You see that you are proving the world with a service in each case, but one is based on the joy of creation while the other is based on the terminology of work.

There is a Night Shift position open at my workplace that I might be interviewed for after the Holidays. I have been debating whether I should use magick artwork to increase my chances. My family wants me to do whatever I can to increase my likelihood of being hired. My sister even bought me comfortable interview shoes just today.

My old interview shoes hurt my feet greatly. I am in a debate over how much I want to stay up until 8 am in the morning every work day. I am a night owl, but it would take some adjustment.

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  1. Synchronicity. Maybe two or three weeks ago I sketched a squirrel and colored it with my watercolor pencils. My guy told me it looked like a children’s book illustration. I was going to attach a photo of it to this comment, but I see no way to do that.

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