Sigils? Chaos Magic? Art

Hope you all had/are having a wonderful holiday. I am thinking of creating magical artwork to manifest. Apparently, using something called a ‘Sigil’ is common in something called ‘Chaos Magic.’ The above artwork was designed to have manifesting power and to draw a joyful holiday season to me.

You see I did not put much research into what Sigils or Chaos Magic really are. It has something to do with using one’s belief system to create magic. Such as to put crosses in your Sigil if you are solidly in the Christian Faith or to put Runes, etc.

A quick google image search showed that many put Lucifer into Sigils suggesting that many Chaos Magicians have a belief system somehow linked to Lucifer.

Even if I know that I have had dark past lives and that many of the things I follow (like Tarot/Channeling/Oracles) are frowned upon by the Bible. The possible link of Luciferianism to Chaos Magic makes a deep part of me hastate to use the term Sigil for my artwork.

You see the tradition of creating magic through art would not solely be a part of Chaos Magic. So despite being inspired to take the final step in creating magick art by the Blog of a Chaos Magician, I do not plan on connecting myself to Chaos Magic until I have a deeper understanding of what it is. In the past, I had created magick artwork apart from the idea of manifestation.

Some might remember my times of Mandala artwork. I had to go through about two years of artwork to uncover when I was in the phase of using artwork to create magickal gateways.


Anyway… here are the artwork Manifestation images I have created so far…



I was told after stating that the ‘sigils’ were for:

  1. I will earn a Full-time Income Blogging
  2. I will get an iPad Pro (size 12.9 with 256 GB)

Well, I was told I needed to start small. So I decided to manifest a happy holiday.

Anyway, using artwork to manifest seems like a good excuse to do some more artwork. Happy Holidays.


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  1. Two witches I am subscribed to on YouTube identify as chaos witches. My understanding from them is that chaos magick is a sort of go with the flow, improvisational form of magick. It is like cooking without a recipe. You want a decent base knowledge of how things work so that your improvised recipe doesn’t make something that needs to be tossed in the trash can. My understanding of chaos magick is in no way in depth though.

  2. Chaos Magic(k, if you must) has as much to do with Lucifer as you want it to, at the single moment you want it to. Once you’re done, you throw out Lucifer and any other belief system that was attached to that particular spell or sigil. Chaos magicians are the mercury of magical practice and their shared realization is that “belief is a tool” and chaos magic is highly experimental and results-oriented: you go with whatever works, provided it works. The cooking analogy is pretty nice because ‘you don’t use a cookbook, you write your own’.

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