So I write to you that abundance is on its way. A great many things are about to change, and while you hesitate to write the same words that many channelers have been saying since before 2008, it is true. It is true in that the world is about to change. While I will not spoil your fun and unwrap your Christmas gifts before the time you get to see the unfolding, everything is a perfect play. All the actors are acting with perfect timing. The audience is swept up in the story as they start to fear for the worst. It is at this time when the plot twist arrives.

I would challenge you to turn off the news. All the news. The events will unfold whether or not you pray for them. The game is going to be win perfectly. You do not need to know every step in the play.

So relax while the audience gets caught up in the play. Relax to know this is a Comedy not a Tragedy. Do not hesitate, write the words proudly. All will be well. All will be right. The Season of Winter is upon us, when the Christians and many others celebrate the holidays.

Go forth and enjoy what you can of the season. It is free to look out the window at the snow. It is freeing to dance in the snow, throwing it high in the air. Be a child in this season of delight. Do not mourn the cold when a smile can warm the bones.

So I ask you to reach out for change, in whatever form it comes to you. Reach out in excitement. You are crab that has outgrown its shell. Even if you move at a snails pace, to move is to live. To change is to grow. So grow in the ways that you can.

Remember now the automatic writing about the beauty of the sea. Can you trust each word to unfold and make sense without the entire sentence making sense in your mind. Can you just let the words come and trust the words to handle the situation. Open your mind to the possibilities and  trust. One your heart to the space within. The flow is in the faith to let the energy flow. It passes through the mind and will somehow make sense. Each word will follow the next.

Trust too, that each moment will follow the next. Write with the faith that your mind does not hold. Life with the faith that your mind does not hold. You are fully taken care of and safe in each moment. No matter what follows, your heart will follow. Till your heart will lead the way..

Categories: Beginnings

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