Good day! Plus talk of the wonders of the Internet and the durability of ‘Fake News’

Soon after getting up, I found myself singing random songs and humming. After I loaded the dishwasher and set it running. I noticed that the water in the dishwasher was in a rhythm of “Short beat, Short beat, Long beat.” So I started swinging my feet and head with the beat.

I also played quite a bit of my mobile game. was having a half off sale for audiobooks, so I got audiobooks that I felt were too cheap spend a credit on. The cheapest was $0.89.

All the while, I started cooking a Stuffers Family Lasagna just in time to pull it out of the oven before heading out the door. Before leaving I also put milk, rice, and salt into the slow cooker to see how Rice Pudding tastes when it is made in a slow cooker. By the time I was back the Stuffers was still a good temperature for eating. I ate quite a bit.

The Rice Pudding wasn’t quite done when the recipe said it would be. So I added another half hour on High. I emptied the dishwasher. (I am omitting the fact that I was nannying after I returned home. The child is always hungry right after school because I do not think he eats much of his school lunch. That is why I made the Lasagna so early.)

The Rice Pudding turned out a lot softer than when I make it on the stove. I am undecided as to whether the effort of 20 minutes stirring is worth the different texture. It is still good either way. I now have plans to make adjustments to the Recipe. Perhaps if I used cooked rice instead of uncooked the texture will be better.

I used up all my milk on the Rice Pudding, but I felt like making Rice Pudding so I did. I can pick up groceries tomorrow. I also used up all my risotto rice, all my golden raisins, and the last of my vanilla extract. However, only a little bit ago I had picked up a new Pure Vanilla extract, so I only need to replace the Rice, Raisins, and Milk.

Tomorrow is a day off for me, last Friday I had taken part in a study for extra money. On Monday I have my second Bashar Meetup.

The day has calmed down now. I have a cold water bottle next to me and a computer in front of me. Who would have thought that a person could sit at home and visit so many parts of the world/beyond? Before it would have taken quite a library to help me travel from the seat of a chair.

Yet, the Internet can be the book, letter, and journal. The television and a visual telephone. I can see how it takes up so much of our time. So wonderfully interactive of a toy. Filled with light spaces and dark corners.

I can go check out the news in the K-pop world or listen to music. I can listen to channelings. The Internet can be the play, the festival, the ballet, and circus all in one. I checked out a source that the Mainstream News would label ‘Fake News.’ All the while I am highly aware that a great deal of the population considers the Mainstream News the ‘Fake News,’ and this or that Internet Source the only reliable News. even ended up on the ‘Fake News’ list, which does not surprise me. I see Internet News as a bit problematic. Yes, the Mainstream News is really Mainstream Propaganda, but Internet News hardly has the reliability that all the vast variety of independent Newspapers had in the 70’s. It is far too easy to create lies on the Internet and say it is news.

However, the Mainstream News is not going to be able to ferret out the ‘Fake News’ by having sites like Facebook block them. If Facebook becomes too restricting about what can be posted, people will leave Facebook for greener pastures (freer pastures.) The same is true about Youtube, etc. There are already other video sites waiting to take over popularity. There are also sites similar to Facebook who would love very much for Facebook to become less user-friendly.

The people who read ‘Fake Internet News’ have lost all faith Mainstream News. This is largely the younger generations. If somehow we could return to the News system of the newspapers in the 70’s (who were often highly reliable) and place that system onto the Internet. The corporate owned Mainstream News is not going to be able to recover the credibility people once freely gave it. Those who read ‘Fake News’ are not returning to the Mainstream News. If Facebook blocks them, they will go elsewhere.

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