Christmas Card – early design


Family, do not read as it contains information on what you are getting for Christmas.

I might be using this image around Christmas time if I do not do more Christmas artwork before then. This is the image I created yesterday to use in a Holiday card. I ended up cropping it and zooming in on the window/tree area because the curtains felt like too much empty space. I added simple space to the area above the tree to create space to put text.

So Christmas cards will be a part of my gift this year. They were on sale for $0.88, if you designed your own card at Zazzle. I cannot show the final version because it contains my last name, but you can get a basic idea from this early image.

I also designed some playing cards with the names of two of my nephews who are the right age to like having cards with their names on them, and a water bottle with the name of one nephew who brings water bottles to school.

I picked up bags of Organic cookies and boxes of Canadian Maple Cookies to wrap up as gifts. Along with some bags of Gin-gins that are Apple Spiced. I have enough that if I divide things correctly I should have something for everyone.

However, as two of my siblings are on no Sugar diets, they will be getting Tins of Literary Tea

I already know which tea to give to which sister. They were sold out of the Jane Austen Blend so I switched to Lewis Carroll as my sister like rich Black Teas. The Law Carroll Blend doesn’t have the best of reviews on the site. All the other teas are five stars and it has but 3 stars. However, if I got this Tin after finishing the normal tea, I would fill it back up with a strong black tea.

One brother who likes tea is getting an Authentic Thai Tea, a Green Tea with Blueberry from Bar Harbor Tea Company and cookies. He always gets lots of Tea from me because he likes tea and likes getting gifts of tea.

I know that some of the gifts I am giving sound lame. I just have a big family so that if I spent $10 on each person… that could be easily $170. If I spent $5 on each person that would be $85.

So I have to say that the quality of gift is going to vary greatly this year. However, most of my family understands as they also do the math every year of how much they can spend on each person.

So gift costs are going to range from $2 – $10 per person. Sorry everyone who ends up with $1.70 bags of Organic Cookies and a hand designed card $0.88.

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  1. I have $5 in my wallet that I am hanging onto for dear life. I don’t intend to spend any money on presents unless I get a few from Dollar Tree. By the way, great budget place for Christmas Gifts. You can get mugs, candy, lotions, cookies, candles, etc. Along with everything you need to wrap them. Idea for your cookies that would be good is to put them in decorative clear gift bags (the kind that come with bag ties) and place them in mugs. Also works with the tea gifts. Where else can you get 10 mugs for $10? I will be making little art pieces for gifts. (Can also get frames at Dollar Tree, btw.) If somebody doesn’t like the art, I guess that is just too bad. I am working with what I have.

    • Good job opened up where I work. If I get it I will have over twice the budget I have now. Something is giving me good vibes about this position. Soon I will be writing the cover letter. Which is something I have gotten good at. In interviews people often comment I have amazing writing skills.

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