King George is my Current Spirit Animal

Seat back and enjoy the ride. You are perfectly safe. The Circus is Guaranteed to go on. Half the country is happy right now, and a half quite possibly fearing the worse. We respect the system however and realize that both candidates were far from ideal. King George might have actually laughed at our strange system of Government like in this song, but we made it to great heights. We do tend to tear each other apart every election with families/friends not talking to each other because of politics.

Well, it is over, we would do best to sit back like King George and enjoy. Talk to those who you haven’t been talking to due to politics. Recover, because the cycle goes on and on.

In this song replace George Washington’s name with Obama and now John Adams with Trump… enjoy. The President isn’t really as powerful as we tend to think. If he doesn’t have the support of others, a President can do nothing. Trump is going to have to learn a few lessons, or he will not be able to do much as President… he could be a lame duck from day one if he continues to alienate large groups of Americans.

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