Realize the Power of Your Words


I am sure that you have heard about the human rights violations that have been going at Standing Rock. Not everyone can get into a car and drive to Standing Rock, but you can join with Oil and Water Don’t Mix as they send emails to President Obama asking him to take action.

I do not often post political statements. Even on Facebook, I have not once commented about the election to Friends/Family. However protecting Fresh Water and the Animals that live in/around it is of great importance to me.

Even if Obama ordered that the construction to be halted temporally, he was not listened to. We need to get Obama’s focus off of the election and onto what is really important. We need to stand together.

I do suggest ACTING NOW. The moral corruption that is being shown as the police attack peaceful protesters at Standing Rock, while the Mainstream News focuses on the Circus election, we cannot stand for this. It is not just a matter of drinking water anymore.

The News is failing to spread the word, so we need to become our own News Source. We do not need to watch Documentaries about “Before the Flood.” We need to stop the Flood. We do not have to predict water storage due to pollution, we need to be the change.

First, we need to get so many people emailing Obama about the DAPL that it cannot be ignored. We are giving the Government a chance to take the High Ground. If the Government fails to act, we need to get creative. Yet, the first step is to try to use the old system.

Turn Facebook away from endless annoying election posts and use it to spread the news. Take this news to your Favorite Forums, Blogs, or whatever Social Media you use. We do not need the Mainstream News, and most people don’t watch it anymore. We can let everyone know exactly what is going on in Standing Rock.

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