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Hello Readers,

I have been neglecting my Blog in the name of posting on the Bashar Forum. Many weeks ago, I decided it was time to either create a Bashar Meetup or a Matt Kahn one. Matt Kahn not being a category on Meetup and also not having a Forum I have been posting on lately, I opted for Bashar.

As the Meetup was just formed today, I have planted a few seeds and now need to watch them grow. I am waiting to hear back about when the space for the Meetup will be open, and I will need to get permission to post about the Meetup in a local Intuitive Group. I have posted about the Meetup on the Bashar Forum already, and am hoping I get approved to a Bashar Facebook group to be able to post about the Meetup there.

So I have been writing lately, but not here. I will have to wait until tomorrow to make more steps. As I have noticed about the Internet, you input words and then wait for a response. Sometimes it takes time.

It took me a long time of Blogging before I was able to input words and get any response. Blogging tends to be one-sided, whereas forums are more conversations.

Anyway, sometime in November, I will be holding the CYBO Meetup as the first one. We will watch part of the CYBO channeling and play the game.

I am also looking for a trustworthy co-host as my family and friends are too busy.


You see I have joined many Meetups in the past, but they never Meet Up on the days I can attend. So I am taking the planning into my own hands. If there were a Bashar Meetup in my area already, most likely, they would not be meeting on a day I could attend. So in a way, it is good I am starting the wheel.

Yes, I do need to create more artwork soon. I have been on repeat with images for a while. My heart has been in Blogging for a long time, but it doesn’t seem to be right now. The interactive play of forums, where you input something and you get a longer response than one or two short comments has been fun.

Yet, the forums are not my Kingdom in the same way a Blog is. I am maintaining my groundwork while traveling to a more populated community. Forums of good fun.


Hopefully, I can be a successful Leader of a Meetup, Traveler of Forums and Queen of my Blog. There is a bit of a community on WordPress that has been building up. Perhaps someday my Blog will be popular enough that it can come with a Forum. Kind of like how Bentinho created Trinfinity Academy (now free). Yet, I do not want to play the Guru role. I want to play the ‘Friend You Meet on Your Own Path’ role.

I am sorry that my replies to comments have gotten to be shorter. I still post long comments on other’s Blogs when inspiration strikes. I want you to know that even if my replies are short, as I do not always know what to say, I smile at every comment. Thank you, everyone who has continued to follow me. In the past, people who commented would come and go, but there are a few I consider friends now.

Honestly, the Meetup will be a bit of a challenge. As I am not used to talking as wisely as I sometimes write. My family is not interested in my hobbies. So I have used Blogging has my chance to talk about my Path. I do attempt that I have sometimes tried on the Guru hat, but I do not pretend to know more than you. When I am writing like a Guru, I tend to actually be writing it for myself and you happen to be able to read it.

Perhaps it is those moments when my ‘higher self’ talks to me. I cannot turn on that connection at will. If I could, people might see me as a Guru, so it is good I cannot control the moments my ‘higher self’ comes through. Remember, I do not sell Tarot Readings (despite my interest in Tarot) because I do not want others giving me their power. For the same reason, I shy away from the role of Channeler. When I Channel, I no longer post it.

I want everyone to realize their own path, which will not be mine. Yet, as my path can get lonely, I input writing about it on the Internet. Next Step is to Post and wait.

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