Vote: Use Grammar Editor or Not


You see I discovered a program called Grammarly which does simple Grammar corrections for free. However, the program can mess up and repeat a paragraph. If I am editing and decide to turn an overstuffed paragraph into two separate paragraphs the editor will somehow hold onto the overstuffed paragraph and then repeat the paragraph again as I edited it.

In the end, I think it is more annoying to have to read the paragraph twice than it would be to put up with Grammar errors. So I turned it off for WordPress before.

So I am turning it off again with the question, Grammarly or No Grammarly? Which annoyance is worse… a repeating paragraph (or longer) or small poor Grammar?

Time has proven that I do not remember to check for repeats after writing and break up paragraphs when re-reading often.

Perhaps I will try Grammarly again in the future. This error does not seem to carry outside of WordPress (where I need it most.)

Categories: Beginnings

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