The Fall of 2016: A Time of Effortless Natural Change


Happy Fall. Pumpkin, Apple Cider, Apple Cinnamon Donuts TIME! Already had an Apple Cider a week ago. Do you think I should make pumpkin pie from a fresh pumpkin… I’ve done it before.

It is Sept 22. You have been thinking (on and off) about this Fall for over 13 months (if you follow Bashar). Now it is time to enjoy the moment. Even if you don’t see change (which would mean things are flowing smoothly and effortlessly in the collective) this is a time of change. A time of the Harvest Moon, and abundance. For plenty of Summer’s Crops will now be ready to eat and celebrate. The work of the Summer now comes to fruition. Like a Farmer who has been working in the Field and now gets to Harvest, Celebrate with a big Fair and Festival.

I welcome you to the Fall of 2016!

(Might update this post with more words later… time for writing is limited as I need to volunteer. This is all I have time for now.)

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    • I know the grammar editor does that to me all the time. They need to fix that. Yet, it catches when I repeat words. However, if I decide to break up a paragraph after having written it, it repeats that paragraph! I turned off the editor before to avoid this.

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