I don’t know if this is offensive…


I wanted to create an image that used the Color Pallet called skintones. Yet, I do not know if people would find the same face with many skintones offensive. Also afterwards I was wondering if the Nose turned out such. I was trying for shading with the lines.

I was thinking of calling the piece, ‘Skin Deep’ on the fact that skin color is only skin deep, but society can base so much on it. I will admit that I was so nervous about my artwork being possibly seen as Racist (as a white female who drew someone brown skinned for no real reason) that I disguised my need to draw someone with brown skin as Tree People.

Later in Art Class, I wanted to make a Brown Skinned Mermaid, but unsure I opted to change the skin color to green lest my lack of skill offend.

I have always felt Racial topics deeply. In High School an African American (one of the only in my class) wanted to go on a date with me. Yet, I didn’t want a boyfriend. My best friend really was pushing the relationship. In the end I started suspecting that rumors were going around that I was Racist because I had refused the relationship.

So I kind of developed a complex, where I was afraid that people would think my strangeness (I might be on the Autistic Spectrum) as Racism. As a result, when I first meet an African American whom I don’t know, the complex pops up. I, therefore, start acting even stranger because I am worried about being seen as Racist.

Online, I have seen the Politically Correct individuals declare war on those who they perceive as Racist a number of times. My nervousness about doing artwork about skin color turns out has having been justified. For as a Irish/Germain/French Canadian Blooded Individual, what right would Society think I have to do artwork about Skin Color.

So if this offends you, I am sorry, but I need to write my experience. I need to be able to do artwork about skin colors. I could have easily switched to another Pallet of Shades of Green/Blue etc just to avoid being offensive. The image would than be a meaningless picture of a face.

You know, I am glad I unknowingly (until looking at it after) made the nose offensive. I am tried of expression being choked out of everything in order to make it Politically Correct. I reserve the right to use any color pallet of colors that exist.

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  1. The thing is many people find offense in things that are not offensive by projecting their own issues on them. If you look for racism, sexism, etc., especially when you carry a lot of anger over those issues, it can distort your view. It is like looking at the world through red-tinted glasses. A multi skin tone piece of art should not offend people unless they are racist. In America we are a melting pot. I have been told that I have Cherokee and African American blood in the mix and I am about as pale as snow. All of my nieces and nephews are biracial or tri racial. They are beautiful babies. Appreciating various skin tones is not racist, it is having a wider view of beauty.

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