The EPIC Fall…


I am so looking forward to Fall. The time of change, where the trees that were one shade turn into royal reds and yellows. I have not forgotten the predictions of Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) along with many others who feel Change is in the Air. His movie ‘First Contact‘ is premiering in September.

Now I tend to look forward to three out of four seasons in Michigan. I enjoy the Spring as a release from the cold of Winter, and I find the Autumn harvest time to be a release from the heat of Summer.

To prepare for the coming seasonal change. The EPIC change predicted this year. I am doing artwork based on the things I Love about Fall. Halloween was always my favorite holiday as I Loved things Supernatural like Werewolves from reading too many Goosebumps as a child.

Well, the Season that I think many Starseeds enjoy is coming. Something about Fall feels like a celebration of those considered Misfits, with Halloween being the Highlight.

I am preparing by getting out the Red, Yellow and Orange colors in a Season known for 50 shades of orange. Only a matter of time before we start sacrificing pumpkins for spice lattes and window decorations.


I declare, and do think, that the battle against the Heat of Summer is nearly over. Just as the Battle against the Winter Freeze reached a time when victory was as close as the increasing Sunlight.

The Harvest will soon be at hand, and the Apples will go best in Warm Apple Cider. It was an epic Summer, but will be followed by the EPIC Fall.

Funny word, Fall, as I was just finally getting around to watching, ‘The Fall and Rise of Our Civilization.’ I was still doing artwork in the background… this one below.


Before that I had been listening to Rob Gautheir. All the other artwork in this post was while listening to him channel Treb and Aridif. The style switched dramatically when I changed to Bentinho in ‘The Fall and Rise of Our Civilization.’

I managed to listen to 42 minutes before finally gave in and posted my art. The image below was while listening to Treb.


I guess I will have enough images for posts for a while to come. This was just another of those posts were I am so proud of my images, I need to show them off right away.


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