Hello! Non-Spiritual Update


I did some hyper-spiritual posts lately… the last two. I wasn’t channeling at the time, but they sure sound like I was.

Due to buying a video game, my budget has been tight all month. Thankfully utilities are $80 less this month than the last. This will make the final stretch till the next disability check easier. My interview seems to have gone well and within two weeks I will know if I have another Part-time job.

The increase in income this job would provide, would make budgeting each Month easier. The contrast to me, would like be thrown into the land of abundance. If I kept my usual spending habits up, I could be saving $700-$800 a month towards those electronics I used to talk about.

With the advent of Pokemon Go, which does not work on my old android phone, I am thrown back into the debate of whether an iPad Pro or better phone is more important. Honestly, due to having an iPod Touch of the 5th Generation, I can still use most mobile games without investing in a iPhone. This is exactly the reason I bought the iPod Touch when it was on Sale because they were about to come out with the 6th Generation. I wanted to use the iPhone apps without the monthly fee.

Well some apps like Pokemon Go, are designed to use features like GPS, which doesn’t work on a iPod Touch due to the lack of mobile connection. So here I am, a lover of Mobile Phone games, and I cannot play the trendiest one. Honestly, I tend to not play the trendiest game, just like I do not read the trending books, but Pokemon Go looks like fun.

Also my research into discovering when the next Animal Crossing will be released… I was concerned that it would be for the Wii U or New 3DS. I have no Wii U and an Old 3DS… well this research lead me to discover that Nintendo is working on a mobile Animal Crossing. When this mobile game is released (which might be years from now,) I will be wanting a better phone.

At that point I would still carry my iPod touch, but all non-music files would be deleted. The space on my iPod touch is almost entirely taken up because it is filled with Audiobooks, Angel Academies, and Matt Kahn Retreats. These things are good for listening to on long walks. I keep on having to downsize Apps that I don’t need to make more room. I even had to delete almost all other music to make room.

Then it would like like I had two iPhones instead of an iPhone (actually iPod Touch) and an android.

Is this post non-spiritual enough? Perhaps I should add some k-pop? I love the music of this song. The music video is kind of upsetting, but at the same time so artistic.


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