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Greetings Readers,

After the first two weeks of Summer being a vacation, things have been extra busy the next two weeks. I have a job interview at a very good location on Wednesday of next week. I am going to be trying on my oldest interview outfit that was bought at a Thrift Store many years ago. Just because it was Thrift doesn’t mean it is a bad interview outfit. Out of my interview outfits, I’d say it screams Interview… and only interview or serious office place. At Thrift Store prices it might have cost me $8 on a Half off the whole store Sale.

Before you go painting pictures of what a Thrift Store Interview Outfit would look like, let me inform you that I have seen designer purses at Thrift Stores in good condition. Usually they are placed near the front with the Furs and things they want to Feature. As far as the prices in local Thrift Stores go, $16 is for the good items. I will admit, I have heard rumors that before a Half Off Sale they start increasing the prices of things that come in…

Yep, Yep, Yep… I am a talented talker. I spent over a paragraph talking about an interview outfit, and I haven’t even described it yet. It is Pen Striped. Anyway, next week looks like it will be busy with a Dentist Appointment, Interview, and Laundry/Cleaning. We have carpet cleaners coming in as part of our renewed lease, and my room has gotten quite messy. I did Spring Cleaning too,  but things built back up quickly.

Now that I have rambled on and on… and likely lost some readers of this post, I will get to the original intent of this post… ‘Anything but…’ This Summer my life appears to be filled with anything, but Spiritual progress obsession. Yes, I am still listening to Matt Kahn, and David Wilcock.

Which you might have noticed that I think it necessary to explain why I follow David Wilcock. Out of all my obsessions, I think this one is the most easy to misunderstand. Lets just leave it (for today) with that this kind of News gives me a lot more hope for the future then the Mainstream News.

(I still haven’t found time to listen to Matt Kahn’s latest Angel Academy Call… you know between all the video games and volunteer work.)

My overall time spent on both these things has decreased. I am far behind on many Channelers and Bloggers. In my free time, which has been more limited, I have been playing video games instead of progressing Spiritually. My sense at present is that I have done enough. This Summer for me is a vacation from rapid Spiritual Growth, and a return to things that Entertain.

There was a rumor going around that the hacker group Anonymous had declared yesterday a National day of Rage, and sited one of the Rage locations as the Main Campus in town (actually it is a city… I just like calling it a town). Thankfully, no one took this seriously.

However there was a bit of a debate in me, recently the Channeler Brenda Hoffman in ‘Is Earth on Your Shoulders’ had Channeled that it was time to step back from… how to I summarize this, to step back from needing to protect others with ones Love in Light. Why? Because they are now able to protect themselves, we are no longer the ones who should be doing the Protecting.

When I heard about the rumor that something was going to happen in town… I was sent into a debate. Should I send ‘I Love You’s’ to the city, casting a bubble of protection around the area, or should I step back?

I was worried something horrible could happen in my own city if I did not send ‘I Love You’s’ to the situation. Yet, at the same time, I was wondering it it was best to step back, and let history take its course. Perhaps a certain amount of unrest was needed for people to deconstruct the old ways to construct the new.

If my job sending ‘I Love You’s’ in protection was over, perhaps someone else would step up and take my spot. Was my time as the ‘I Love You’ protector over? Should I be respecting the talents and abilities of others to protect themselves?

So all I did was leave the situation in the hands of the Divine. I did not go into a meditation of Blessing sending. I checked the news after the time of the event, and nothing appears to have happened.

It might be that even without stopping to send the Blessings, my natural protection aura has grown large enough to keep a certain distance around me safe. I get a sense that I am still here in my location as a Protector, yet perhaps I am a wiser one than before.

At times, I think I will still feel called to send the ‘I Love You’ protection, but only a few days ago, I did a rare thing. I sent the ‘I Love You,’ to myself. Paradoxically this can be just as protective of others as it is Healing to the Self. Even when you send ‘I Love You’ in Blessing outward, the process of Blessing another is Healing to the Self.

However, I ask you to try both, and feel how the two processes, that have very similar results, feel completely different. Bless others and feel the outward movement of your energy, than, after this is complete, Bless yourself and feel the Energy moving deep into your heart.

I think that those who were able to get past my rambling parts, might find this post entertaining enough to read. Either way, I wrote it, so I post it. (Yes, I have not done Digital Art and am out of New Images. The posting must go on, new image or not.

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  1. Good luck and you will be awesome! I also have some great professional clothes from the thrift store 🙂 At times I have better luck there than any store. It’s also an adventure 🙂 And I’ve been running out of time and haven’t been reading/supporting blogs like I have and like to. Thanks for reading mine. I’m honored. I LOVE YOU!! And your I love you’s are helping. ❤

    • I am going to try to enjoy the process instead of stressing about it. I not be going through lists of potential questions to prepare (as is the common way to get ready for an interview.) Wednesday will be the day to enjoy talking to someone I’ve never meet about myself. I am good at talking about myself. I will also have an excuse to use Make-up and the clothes I hardly ever wear.

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