The story unfolds…


I’d say overall Monday is a good day. Brenda Hoffman always has a channeling on her Blog, and David Wilcock always has a Wisdom Teachings Show released. The thing about, Wisdom Teachings, is often once the weekly episode is over, you are waiting for the next week. I also tend to visit his Blog quite often looking for updates in article form.

David Wilcock is a highly intelligent individual, who many would write off as a conspiracy theorist. When SaLuSa (who at the time was still being channeled by Mike Quinsey before he switched to channeling his higher self) recommend David Wilcock as a solid source of intel, I had never heard of him. Now I write about him quite often.

The funny thing is, when I go to type in his web address, I often put a ‘true’ in front of ‘‘ so my web browser recommends ‘’ I find it funny that my brain mixes up the two addresses and so when I decide to visit David’s website, it thinks ‘truedivinecosmos.’

(If you Love Matt Kahn and David Wilcock, the web address seems to be open.)

According to David Wilcock, his insiders were quite upset by his lack of timely articles. In this case, the insiders being the Secret Space Alliance. Now I had found the fact that David would promise an article soon, and then not publish the article for 28 days… kind of annoying. Yet, if I were in a Secret Alliance waiting for David to provide intel to the public as if my life depended on it, I would find the delay more than annoying.

I am not going to go too deeply into the article David posted. As David built up my faith in him over a long series of watching Wisdom Teachings from going back to the first show in the archives of I almost watched all his Wisdom Teachings. I got tired of Science so there are 32 episodes out of 170 episodes that I have not yet watched… I am saving them for when I feel like learning more alternative science. So I have watched 81% of Wisdom Teachings and all of Disclosure and Cosmic Disclosure.

As I stated, I did not blindly give David my trust. I do tend to be the gullible sort, due to being a Starseed from a civilization that honors telling the truth. I just don’t see why someone would want to lie to me. Which is funny that I have not gotten over that gullibility considering how many times people have lied to me. Yet I did not take David’s testimony in with the same blind faith that I had given to my teachers in school. (Being gullible or a good liar seems to a prerequisite to getting good grades.)

So along with my Lightworking Magickal side, I keep a balance of Lightwarrior Truth Seeking. As much as Bashar would recommend not focusing on the negative (lest you fall into a negative timeline,) he also recommends following one’s excitement. Considering that the moment that Wisdom Teachings is over, I am waiting for next weeks installment… I would say I find this exciting.


Just like humans have sat and listened to Myths of Heroes defeating the odds. I am listening to another story, that has the added benefit of quite possibly being real. We are in the Final Act before the Ending of the Battle. That is when the Golden Age is upon us. If you have not been following this stuff, you would not realize how much is going on behind the scenes.

There are many accounts of how this will play out. Some say that the transition will be so smooth that one day you will simply wake up and realize the entire world has changed. Others feel there will be a big Disclosure, or the Economy will collapse first. Some say there will be an Ascension and Jubilee.

At this point of the story, it is the time of suspense when you do not quite know how the story will play out. Isn’t it entirely fascinating how well normal life seems to be holding up? So well that the average human can assume that the Mainstream News is telling the whole story… if anyone bothers to watch the News anymore.

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