For the Fun of It! WordAds?


I was looking around the settings. It turns out that now that I paid for ‘No Ads,’ and other features, I can turn on Ads to try to earn money (since I have my own domain). I turned on Ads to see what they would look like.

Reading the terms and conditions it said that there should be no advertising outside of WordAds, so I am wondering if I will need to take my Blogroll down. I am not receiving any money for the Blogroll, I just felt it was a good way to shout out to others on my Blog. (Temporarily took it down to be safe, might be back up if it is approved.)

So I am contacting the forum for information on whether I would need to take down my Blogroll to play the WordAds game.

I cannot seem to be able to review what the Ads will look like. I do not know if there is a processing period before the Ads appear, or if I will never be able to see them. In April, I bought the Premium Plan. I have a lot of the Year to earn the money for next years plan.

I will be posting as usual, but might be more motivated if I have another goal then just having more visitors than the year before. My goal is to make my Blog pay for itself! Next year, when the time comes to renew my Premium Plan, I don’t want to have to bat my eye wondering if it is worth it.

(There’s 5 advanced grammar error in this post, the grammar police are free to spot them… like iSpy.) I am using Grammarly to improve my grammar but am not paying to access the Advanced Grammar corrections. So I know there are no Basic Grammer errors in this post, but 5 advanced.)

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