Artwork Done Today and Yesterday

As I am a part of the Angel Academy 6 and was unable to listen to the last call live, I saved up the listening quite a few days, almost a whole week. Yet yesterday I settled down to doing artwork and listening. Now Matt Kahn often requests that people do not Multitask while listening to his Angel Academies. So I often start out with an art program in the background. I listen to him request that we put all distractions down… and I think, “No, I am going to do some artwork.” At some point I usually give in and focus on one thing for a while. Anyway, Matt Kahn did not remember to request that all distractions be put aside on this call. So here is the Artwork I did while listening.

At first I am just warming up, then I start focusing.


Anyway, having signed up for the Free Trail of, I now have one Dolores Cannon audiobook to listen to. My eldest sister told me that I could get more Audiobooks at the Downtown Library for free, but Libraries do not often stock the Audiobooks (or even books) that interest me.

I would have to get an Interlibrary Loan to be able to even read a Dolores Cannon book from the Library, but system does not work for anything other then plain books. The Downtown Library will not let me get an Interlibrary Loan of an Audiobook, or any CD.

So as Audible has a small range of Spiritual Thought books in Audiobook, they beat the local library which has no range at all.

In my experience Libraries in general are lacking in the New Age Book Department. Most libraries just have a few such books from the 70’s or earlier. I have tried to donate books to the library to increase their selection, but they often reject even brand new books in donation form.

After the long sidetrack on why I am thinking of continuing with instead of using the local library. Even if Audible’s selection of New Age Spirituality Audiobooks isn’t as wide as I would like. Of Dolores Cannon’s 16 books, they have two on Audiobook. Anyway, here is the artwork I did while listening to:

Conversations with a Spirit: Between Death and Life, by Dolores Cannon.


The book has no mention of a Pyramid so far, or talk of landscapes. I started adding Pyramids into my artwork around the time David Wilcock started explaining the hidden science of the Pyramid.

Either way, I now have some Featured Images for posts again. I know I could go back and watermark old images (the ones I took down for not having been watermarked), but I am saving that for a rainy day.

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