Patience and Wondering


(BTW the picture is of ICED coffee… so iced it is frozen solid. Yay, for forgetting I put a coffee to cool down in the freezer… a very long time ago. In fact I took this picture over 10 years ago. Why, I stands out to me, I do not know.)

On noes. I spent so long explaining the picture that I forgot why I decided to write a post titled, ‘Patience and Wondering’… pondering. Oh yes!

I am writing about having patience about the iPad Pro. So close was I to manifesting it through overthinking and obsessing. Yet, I decided to not continue with the way it was manifesting, and instead of forcing it to manifest… I am waiting. I could have it in my hands already, so part of me is tempted to give in and loan the money from my parents for buying the iPad Pro.

It is a good thing I didn’t get it already, as the trip to Mackinaw Island was costly. I also felt called to give my sister a little money towards the hotel room. If I had already spent that money on part of the iPad Pro, the trip would have felt different. I would have been worrying about spending money on food to eat, instead of being able to buy family gifts.

The Wondering, is me debating if I should just borrow the money for an iPad Pro, or expect the money to magically appear.

(long pause)

Sorry, writing about this inspired me to look at certain job postings. I started thinking about getting another Part-time job, then I found the local library had one I was qualified for that was Full-time. So I stopped to write the cover letter. I am unsure how many times I have put in applications to that library.

That is how following excitement goes. As it would be exciting for me to have more money for things like iPad Pros, and so far winning the money in a Sweepstakes hasn’t been working…

In fact if I was hired for the Full-time job… I would quite quickly have the money for the iPad Pro saved up. For the Government Created a Ticket to Work Program, where for a number of months you still receive disability while earning over the amount to be considered no longer disabled (in the eyes of the Government.) I only have one month left on the Ticket to Work Program… I think. I forget how much I was earning at that time, and am unsure if it was enough to have me down to only one month.

I would really have to talk to someone to figure out how many more months I would have. Either way, if I did get a Full time job, I would be earning enough to survive from the employment already. Yet, I would still have disability coming in for at least one month. (This is an incentive to get people back to work.) For all I know I might have up to nine months with continued Disability.

You see at one point the Government realized that it needed to create a safety net for Disabled individuals who wanted to work. Before they would be discouraged because if they were not ready they might lose their new job, and no longer be on benefits. So to encourage people to try, the government decided to not drop them for 9 months, and to take them back immediately if they lose their job (this might only be for up to 3 years).

I am just picturing how my life might change as a Full-time Employee. I am wondering if they already have someone for the position and are just posting for formality. I had been intending to apply to the library again Part-time… gtg, bye

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