Lets aim for Fall 2016. Yes thats Soon as in Soon Soon


I don’t know about you, but I am pretty impatient for Disclosure. With the release of David Wilcock’s book, Ascension Mysteries, in the beginning of the Fall. I have a feeling that a number of things are coming together to create the ‘Perfect Storm.’

Similarly, if the crowdfunded documentary, Unacknowledged, raises enough money, it could be released as early as late Fall 2016. As of now it has raised $145,562.68 of the $500,000 needed. I encourage you to donate as much as you feel called to the documentary.

After all, if you remember “EVERYTHING CHANGES IN THE FALL 2016.”

It seems more then one Channeler has pointed out this time period for something dramatic. Despite the possibility of Economic Collapse Predicted in Greece and China (which I have sent Love to both, and you can spend Love/Prayers/etc too.) The predictions tend to be positive.

As much as I sent Love to the Cabal, the Alternative News sees them as cornered at the moment. They have built up enough Karma being the Bad Guys, and it is time for power to shift to be more equal amongst Humanity.

As for me, things personally might be changing in the early Fall of 2016, yet that is not yet a sure thing.

 Either way, I want to see Unacknowledged as soon as possible. I want to see movement in the progress of Humanity. 

I am no Dictator who will push others before they are ready (or in any particular direction), but I personally see that the Mass Consciousness needs to change in order for me to be more free. So I am Shining the Light in Suggesting donating to get events moving faster.

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