Unexpected Trip: Mackinac Island


One of the things I look forward to in Summer, is a number of expected and unexpected trips. Maybe one or two weeks ago, my sister decided to go to Mackinac Island, and take me along. This was the unexpected trip.

With all the old buildings on the Island, it isn’t long before my limited psychic abilities start warning me that there may or may not be a ghost wanting to talk to me.

Namely the ghosts of the island remembered me from last year… last year I spent a night on the Island with my psychic abilities warning me of ghosts so I had trouble sleeping. Every sound was more scary then it would have been if my psychic sense were not on.

So I began, maybe for the first time, to recite mentally “May you be blessed,” while breathing in on the ‘May you be’ and a long drawn out ‘blessed’ on the exhale.

Once I was in a calmer state, the spirit of a Native American chief who as buried on the Island came to me, and told me of a past life as a Native in the area. He asked me to do something to help the Native Americans. (Which beyond buying purses from a Native American Craft store in town… I have not really done much.)

Enough of a recap. You see, I stand out to spirits, so they remembered the nervous tourist from last year who kept on repeating “May you be blessed.” The spirits, which are not stuck to one building on the Island, were impressed by how much I had grown in one year. Then they preceded to tell me I had a very beautiful Soul, even if people on the Island were giving me the feeling that many were judging my weight.

I used to be oblivious to people’s opinion, but as of late even in Ann Arbor, I can tell people walking past me are judging me. I do not know if it is something about the Island, but the judgement level seems higher there. There was even a postcard of an heavyset women in a bathing suit with the words, “The Fudge has been great on Mackinac Island.”

So when my sister was talking about how crazy my Dad was to warn her that people on the Island might make her feel like a fudgy, I realized that was the judgement I had been feeling from people all day.

I would like to note, the Island is beautiful and full of Spirits (which could be a good or bad thing depending on the person). Yet, an old-fashioned view on weight seems to echo from the past.

Anyway, I am explaining to you why the Spirits of the Island felt it important to tell me my Soul is extra beautiful to them. They mostly just silently watched me, so I forgot about them. Yet at first the Spirits also attempted to Flirt with me. As I have the Psychic ability of Touch, most ghosts tend to realize that they could manage to have Sex with me. So historically the Male ghosts are drawn to me.

Two years ago, I had rough time getting rid of a ghost who followed me home after I unwittingly walked into a Haunted Restaurant. I had to pull out the whole 9 yards to get him to leave me alone (sage, salt, runes, etc).

Anyway, the Spirits on Mackinac Island didn’t follow me home last year, so I think I am fine this year. This year I was sleeping in Mackinac City. Hotels can be Spirit filled places too. Honestly, if I had been staying in a hotel room alone, things would have been interesting. As it is, I got a lot of practice on how to get Spirits to leave me alone. Psychic shields up. Angels called on. Repetition of “May you be blessed.” Then just as I as about to give in, the Angels finally decided I had enough practice and cut the connection.

I had reached a new level of acceptance of my ability that drew Spirits to me. I concluded that I was in this Hybrid program that Starseeds talk about. So it was fine to have Sex with Spirits. As soon as I accepted that it was fine, it was like the ability disappeared. Months passed and no Spirit made any attempts. Yet, the first time I have to resist (due to being in a shared room), then the ability comes back.

Thank goodness the Angels finally stepped in, and altogether I still got a good amount of sleep.

This dynamic with Spirits has been with me since I was 13, and is unaffected by medication changes.

You know, part of me is curious, how much of a disaster it would be for me to visit one of those extremely haunted places. I think the Spirits on Mackinac tend to be good. Yet, when that negative Spirit followed me from the Haunted House I unknowingly walked into, I think that is the kind of Spirit that normally occupies the extremely haunted places.

Yet, it was a good test. Not sure I passed it, as I didn’t manage without Angels stepping in.

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  1. Mackinac is a place that has been on my radar as a place I would like to visit for years. I LOVE old houses. I have read that it smells like horse poop all over the island though. I suppose my allergic rhinitis caused reduction in my sense of smell would be useful if this is true.

    • They clean up the main streets often, but it is a little smelly. I don’t think it smells bad. Just has a unique smell that Old Souls are used to anyway (from living in horse power times. )

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