EPIC Interview with Dr. Steven Greer on AFR

Spreading the Word amongst those who might listen. I write on my Blog about all this Disclosure information, but am shy in real life. I assume people would think I was crazy if I told then any of this. Yet, on the web there are a few who might listen without judging the messenger.

I know what Bashar says about the negative forces. His information is copyrighted, but I feel I need to give an example from his own mouth. I will make up for this by investing in a channeling from him… next month. I just cannot summarize as well as him. This is an example of him talking about chemtrails.

If you have at least watched the Bashar video, you will see I am torn. Should I really believe Bashar? Does simply not focusing on the negative make it disappear from your reality?

I have to say that I have followed many channelers, and have never come across the predicament Bashar places me in. Most channelers I choose not to follow, are of the negative sort. Bashar on the other hand doesn’t make negative statements. Yet, I am forced to ask myself, “Does reality really work that way?”

For the record, I do not think that the False Flag Alien Attack Dr. Steven Greer is talking about will be allowed to occur. I think the world is moving towards the positive at an exponential  rate. Yet, would simply not focusing on these plans, make them not exist?

For the argument in the comments of Youtube, I found when I first started watching Bashar and was unwilling to pay, is, “I did not focus on any negativity before 9/11 and yet it happened.” I wish someone would ask Bashar this question.

I am sensing now that Bashar is making this statement for another reason. It is not that negativity doesn’t exist, but that negativity has been so far weakened that focusing on it is not the the best use of energy. There is limited time before the next stage in humanity’s social evolution begins. The focus for now, is best used on following excitement to the best of your ability.

You see Bashar hinted that there were other reasons then he was stating for chemtrails. So it is possible there are negative reasons, but humanity has largely evolved to a level where they can not be impacted by chemtrails. Similarly many people are no longer effected by the negative reasons GMO’s were created for.

Lets just say that these negative reasons were of the 3-D world, and we are now vibrating at the 4-D or 5-D (depending on who you are talking to the vocabulary can vary.) As it cannot harm us anymore, the only real way it can harm us is if we Fear it.

The power of the negative is so weak over us now, and grows weaker. You can see it by the very fact that radio shows like American Freedom Radio exist. In the past such information  could have easily been blocked. In the past this event, where the celebrities come to celebrate the New Energy Devices, could never have happened. As it is now, I want to be at that event.

This is mainly because I have a stabilizing natural protective shield around me that prevents negative events from happening a certain distance from me.

I learned this one night on the bus. The bus driver stopped at a stop and no one got off. As the people who pulled the cord were too drunk to notice. Later, when the drunks realized they missed their stop, they started yelling at the bus driver, and trying to scare the driver.

When the bus driver gave them their employee number to complain, they gave back their prison number. The next day, I heard that someone had gotten shot at a bar that night in the news. I then realized that without my stabilizing force, there would have been a shooting on the bus that night.

So I kind of want to go to this event, to make sure that the weakening power of the negative doesn’t have enough force to stage another attack on the party. My stabilizing shield has grown stronger, and larger. If I do not get a ticket to this event, I will just have to send lots of loving energy.

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