Ito En’s Tea’s Tea, Now Organic!


Now Ito En Tea is the kind of drink I wish was available in Vending Machines in Michigan. I am an avid tea drinker, but find the tea in Vending Machines often has as much sugar as soda.

Ito En has always stood out for offering unsweetened teas in bottled form, and now they are even healthier by offering, in their Tea’s Tea line, organic unsweetened and lightly sweetened tea.

They do not yet offer their Jasmine, or Rose Green Tea in organic, but offer Hibiscus, Lemon Mint, and Pomegranate Blueberry Green Teas in slightly sweet Organic.

Considering that Tea’s Tea Jasmine is the number 1 best seller in Bottled Teas on Amazon, I am hoping they think to bring organic to the flower infused tea soon. I did not link to the Tea’s Tea Jasmine because it is for Prime Members only. *tear.*

They also have a number of organic Black Teas, but you all know that I am trying to be healthy by drinking green tea. Natural Green Tea (not supplements) is good for the liver in many ways. Studies show it both preventing Fatty Liver (and fat build up in general), and, when organic, lowering liver enzymes. It also greatly reduces the likelihood of a large number of cancers. To find links visit my past post… The World is Calling (talk about green tea helping fatty liver.)

I am writing this post, because America needs more low sugar organic drinks in their vending machines. I am tired of the only low sugar choices being filled with poisonous fake sugar.

I have also seriously wondered, if tea were carbonated, if it could someday replace soda. I have begin to see a few brands of carbonated tea, but not in vending machines at work (where I need them most). Some don’t even capitalize on the true benefit of tea, healthiness, by adding too much sugar.

Dreaming of a future where organic and healthy is easy.

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