The World is calling (talk about Green tea helping Fatty Liver)


I have been on the web long enough while to songs of birds, dogs, and bugs have been drifting in my window. I am off to see what today will bring. So I am either going to Starbucks to be unhealthy, or downtown for food.

Now that I have started to write I will note that I have felt BLOATED the last few days. Yesterday I seriously contemplated going on a diet. Getting so much bread at the bakery (Saturday) seemed like a good idea at the time. Eating so much bread in one day, has made my stomach feel expanded since. I had needed to spend $10 to use a credit card, then I wanted to eat as much the first day I could before it got old. Normally bread doesn’t impact me, but apparently I have a limit.

Despite my weight, I am usually not having feasts of bread. Hence I had no idea I would get bloated by too much bread. Despite my Instagram pictures, I am overweight. (I know the secrets of a good camera angle to hide fat.) I do have Thyroid issues, and two medications that can cause weight gain. So it not like I gain my weight by eating pizza everyday.

I have the build of a thin boned person, so when I gain weight, it doesn’t know where to go. That is why I was researching Green tea. It can reduce Fatty Liver, which my Doctor is unsure if I do or don’t have. They did a biopsy, but my blood work does not appear effected by weight gain/loss. The only thing that cures the problem is Daily Turmeric. Yet, I figure, Green tea wouldn’t hurt too add in. (I used to drink Green tea, but switched to Black tea.)

If I get Green tea supplements, they are to strong and can damage the Liver. Instead natural brewed green tea can be drunk in up to ten cups a day to help the Liver. Not only do newer studies say it reduces Fatty Liver, but it reduces Liver Cancer chances by a high amount.

I am unable to determine if Matcha is too much Green Tea (so damaging instead of beneficial).

So until I get the motivation to Lose Weight, again, I am at least going to be having Green tea. (I bought some Ito En Unsweetened Green Tea, both normal flavored and Jasmine with delivery every 2 months from Amazon. I need to find some organic Green Tea somewhere in town. Decision: go to loose leaf tea store (in Kerrytown) ask for organic green tea.

So the choice of where to go is made. Kerrytown (which is close to downtown).

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