News on Bashar’s Site


If you are a Bashar Fan, you might have noticed some changes to his website. Noticeably, the site has changed from dark blue to white, and layout differences are present. I think a classic move by channelers has been made, instead of, it is now

I think it is a big step in the channeling process when the channeler starts to add their own name. As someone who has tried channeling myself, I know how it feels to be standing behind another’s name. I prefer to use my own name, to write with my own personality forefront. Because whether Bashar is an alien that Darryl Anka’s Soul takes form as in the future, or Darryl’s Higher Self, the wisdom ultimately is coming from Darryl’s Soul, aka Darryl Anka.

Anyway, milestones being reached by Darryl or not, I will go on with the main changes I found.

The Documentary, “First Contact,” is out of post production, and ready to be seen in theaters. There is a form you can fill out to try and get it to your city/area on the site. I added information for Ann Arbor, MI. I wish I could recommend the Michigan Theater, which gets many non-mainstream films/documentaries. I am looking forward to meeting all the Bashar fans in my town, or at least sitting in the same theater as them.

I am pretty sure the movie will make it to the Michigan Theater. I imagine a lot of college students in the area will be filling out the form. The Michigan Theater is very close to campus. So is the State Theater, but it isn’t as fun to visit (being more a conventional style and less of a opera style of layout). Either way, I think they are both owned by the same non-profit, and only a minutes’ walk from one to the other.

Once again, I have to write, ‘Anyway.’

Anyway, before being sidetracked by the fun of imagining meeting other Bashar fans in the area at a beautiful theater, I was reporting notable differences at

The topic of interest, on the site, that inspired me to write a post was, “BasharTV (coming soon.)” No amount of searching the internets has uncovered someone talking about it.

I have my own idea of what it will be. Yet, I don’t want to get another person’s hopes up, if I am wrong. For now, I will be watching for news on this BasharTV. If you have any news, please comment to tell me.

For now, I think the site looks better, a little more inviting, and less overwhelming. I have some reading to be doing of the site’s About section.

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