One of my powerful choices


I had a series of choices to make around the time I was diagnosed. I talk often about how at this time, I wondered if I was not ill, but psychic. This lead me to research (my own kind of research) psychics in the future.

After taking a shower soon after getting out of the mental hospital, I sat on the floor of the shower. I had been wondering, ‘What if I was being put on medication by the government because I was a psychic. I had the power to see things they wanted hidden. I was harder to control. So they are medicating me to keep me in line. Because I had the power to change people.’ This is not the exact thoughts, but round about as good as an explanation as I can put into words.

Right then, something dawned on me, “I did not want to live in that world.” Furthermore, if an evil government was medicating me, they would only make me suffer more if I resisted. If they had to they would force me to take medication. So it was better to believe in the goodness of humanity.

So I overcame paranoia with my own choice. I always worked with the Doctors, and took the medication every night.

Yet, there is more to this choice then that. It shifted my timeline from the world with an evil such government to a government trying its best.

I find David Wilcock entertaining, but his reality is not quite like mine. The technology/science that he claims is being suppressed by the government/cabal is not being suppressed in my reality. I choose not to live in that world. The only problem that leads these sciences/technologies from reaching mainstream science, is the thick headedness of mainstream scientists.

Do you believe it, that I would have the power to shift my reality so greatly? That a simple choice about which world I wanted to live in, could ultimately lead the world I live in to change?

I have already lived a different life because of this choice.

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