Two more view till half way point!


Cheers for being less then half way through the year, but in 2 views, I will be at exactly half of the views I had last year. My goal is to increase my number of views each year. I did the math on how many views I needed each month to make it, and I have exceeded that amount every month.

At the beginning of this year I needed 246 views a month to make it. At the beginning of April I the amount I needed each month was 178. I only need 52 more views this month to stay on track. If I go over that amount the number of views needed every month will decrease even more.


I have to say that Got7 had my hopes up today. They were releasing the track Home Run, and I thought there would be a surprise music video. (Based on the music video ‘Fly’, and trailer, it seemed like a second one was coming.) Instead they just released the song, which seems to be doing well on the charts.

Here is the trailer:

Here is Fly:

Notice that a lot of the Scenes in the Trailer were not used in Fly, only about Half were.

I have a prediction of the storyline for the next video, with the missing scenes. Yet, it fits so logically with the trailer/music video that I cannot tell a soul. So as not to ruin it. I am just hoping that I will not be waiting until their next comeback to be trying not to spill the beans.

If they do not disappoint their fans by failing to take advantage of the next music video release explaining the ‘Fly’ video, the next release by Got7 will be EPIC.

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    • It helps me feel progress. I know not every year will it be this easy to increase views from the year before.

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