Bashar and David Wilcock’s View on Negativity

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I paused for a few minutes in writing to think about this weeks Angel Souls weekly reading… it is one of the rare ones that sense something negative coming. Then I was thinking of Bashar’s predictions of possible economic issues (he says to look at it in a positive perspective). The collapse would roughly be around the time of the release of David’s Wilcock’s book that he says is Full Disclosure.

If I were to look at the world from David Wilcock’s view, I’d say he would be thinking that the collapse is to prevent his book from reaching the Masses. He finds it interesting that the Boston Booming was at the time an article on his (then) new movie about Disclosure was trending at the top of the Huffington Post.

Another comparison is in my mind, is the view of Bashar vs that of David Wilcock when it comes to negative forces. Bashar has my older view (before I watched David Wilcock) that the negative forces were monsters in the closet, where we are the ones who give them their power. They are not as powerful as they seem.

This is a lesson I think you will have to learn on your own. I could tell you that I have dealt with both positive and negative spirits in my life in the past. So I have personally felt how a negative entity only really has power over you when they manage to scare you into believing they have more power then they do.


As I have said, I once walked the line between psychic and psychotic,  before my thyroid was balanced. When my thyroid was too imbalanced I switched from the positive kind of psychic, whom plays with the powers of the mind to explore beyond the realms Science says exists, to the negative kind, whom is caught in the negative aspects of the mind.

The nature of Reality and the Mind are complex and simple. The Mind is one of the mirrors to the self that Bashar talks of. This mirror has the choice of reflecting both the positive or negative aspects of the self.

So the Self can use outside as a Mirror, or the inside mind as a Mirror. One can use the inside Mirror to reflect things from other Universes. A psychic could use this Mirror to their advantage, helping them navigate the outside Mirror with the senses of the inside Mirror. Those in psychosis use their Mirror (arguably to their advantage in a different way) to explore Fear and Negativity.

Mental illness, like any illness, is actually designed to speed learning. In no way would medication interfere with the learning. If the Soul didn’t want the path of medication, none would work on it. As there are cases of any illness were no medication works. The process of being sick and receiving care is as much of a learning process as receiving no care. They are just different processes.


Anyway, before I was majorly distracted, I was talking about negative Spirits making you believe they have more power then they do. This I have experience with, having been in psychosis in the past. If this is true with Spirit, it quite possibly could be true with the negative groups which David Wilcock talks about. The trick of the outside reflection of negativity likely is that of the inside reflection. Its power comes from making the public believe it has more power then it does.

So then Corey Goode becomes an interesting topic, as he does not seem to be lying when he talks about the technology of the Secret Space program. I cannot seem to forget that when I reached out in my mind to a Blue Avian (to talk), I seemed at first to do all the talking (as usual). In the end the Blue Avian only said one thing. This was one of the rare times when I clearly telepathically hear something. It said, “Enjoy the Show.”

So here is my theory, certain Souls volunteered to have their Mirror reflects a powerful negative force. They get to play the role of a hero in return, and get a unique challenge. They, therefore, can honestly report to everyone of a reality where the negative force is powerful, hence, others get the chance to fear the cabal/Illuminati. It is a Show, however, that is put on for the benefit of us. It makes life a little more entertaining. Unless you choose it to be powerful, the negative is a weak force. You get the choice of what world you want to live in.
So pick the Reality you prefer. The Reality of Fear (which is an elaborate illusion) or the Reality of Peace.


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