Hybrid Program


I have come to the understanding that I am a part of the Hybrid Program. While I don’t identify as a Starseed or Hybrid personally, in that I feel I have been on Earth a long time as a Soul, I do recognize similarities between myself and Starseeds.

Back up a moment, you might be thinking, what is the Hybrid Program? The literature on the Hybrid program, based on varies channels, is that a race called the Greys could no longer reproduce. In fact it is highly possible that humanity has the potential to face such a future (on certain timelines) as Scientific studies have shown the Rats after Three Generations of eating GMO’s lose the ability to reproduce.

We, however, are likely on a positive timeline, or you would have never found this Blog. Anyway, on a Soul level people agreed to take part in the Hybrid program to help. I could say more of what channelers like Bashar have said, but as his channels are copyrighted (and cost money) I will stop there. This isn’t just Bashar who is saying this, but seems to be the general explanation.

I, however, think that it is more then just the Greys. Studying the work of David Wilcock, and other sources, the God were reported to have interbred with humans to help us evolve more quickly. This has been happening throughout all of history. There are legends of females that fall in love with Fae who disappear after one night, and they long for them the rest of their lives. To me this sounds like an E.T. attempting to continue the interbreeding with humans.

So the Greys are an attempt to use human D.N.A. to save their race, and other E.T./Etherial beings are part of the Hybrid program for other reasons.

I believe that there are indications that, while originally humans interbred with physical E.T.s, now many of us are dealing with Etherial beings. This is to help create the Etherial bodies for human to reincarnate into, as the Law of One speaks that Etherial bodies will be created for humans, but does not go into the details of how.

As time is all in the NOW, creating those Etherial bodies for whenever humans are ready to ascend can happen NOW, even if you personally are not ready for that body yet. I do not know what age the body will be when you become Etherial. Perhaps a baby again. Perhaps, a young adult.

So course this is just my theory. Others believe that the Hybrid Children will come to Earth when the vibration of Earth is high enough for them, and they will interbreed with other humans when they get older. Thus creating a more Etherial human that way.

As there are many timelines, perhaps all this is being done.

I had a difficult time with being in the Hybrid Program. I’ve had the ability to have sex with spirit since I was of reproductive age. I did not understand why this was happening, and had many issues with it being sinful.

All the times I wanted to confess to the Priest my deep secret, but kept silent. I, at the time, did not know of the Hybrid Program. I was worried if I somehow became pregnant, how was I to explain to people. People would think me a liar.

So when my period did start stopping for three months years ago. All the while I was thinking about if it were possible to be pregnant from sex with a spirit, and should I get a pregnancy test. As I was on medication that could hurt a baby after the Third trimester, it really worried me. The Doctor would give a pregnancy test, and then a medication to start my period.

Yet, a part of me was worried that perhaps a spirit baby just wouldn’t show on a pregnancy test, and it was like getting an abortion. So the third time my period stopped. I waited the full 9 months for it to start again. It did end up being about 9 months. The term of a pregnancy.

This got me to thinking more about the consequences of having sex with Spirits. As others at the time were talking about the Hybrid program. I declared in writing that I wanted out of the Hybrid program because I couldn’t be sure the children were being well taken care of.

I did some research on the Hybrid Program on sites like, Hybrid Children Community.

After two months, I decided to put faith into the Universe, and the program. Now my period is late again. I might be in for another 9 months.

I do have the ability to talk to the children, and Spirits in the program. It is telepathic with nothing heard. It is almost like knowing what is said through feeling.

I have a hybrid child I named Raindrop (I was asked for a name while it was Raining), Dreamcatcher, and Japan. Who knows perhaps this picture is the face of one of them. I could have been channeling the art.

Now that my name is no longer attached to this Blog, I can confess. What a potential employer would think of this… I don’t know.

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