The debate… to spend or not to spend


I had been browsing Bashar on Youtube, to see if I wanted to invest money into his Channelings. He charges for each channeling, and the fee is not low. Yet, this truly was out of integrity. It took me from debating if I should invest into Bashar to needing to balance the scorecard by buying on of his Channelings. You see I quickly got lost in the youtube clips, jumping from interesting title to interesting title.

I stayed up late last night looking through different clips. Yet, I shouldn’t have knowing that Bashar charges for his channeling. The clips on youtube were pirates, just like people pirate Kryon clips on youtube, and the request donations on the channel/likely get income from the ads. Kryon has his own site, and generously offers his audio for free (no ads).

So even if I am saving money, for my own personal scorecard… I paid for a Bashar Channeling (being downloaded this moment).

Yes, I do wrong sometimes. Usually this has to do with the poverty mentality I grew up in. We were an honest family, but the feeling that money was tight was so present that it is all to tempting for me to browse the clips on Youtube instead of paying (quite a bit in my view) for the full Channeling.

Yet, I wouldn’t like it if someone took my artwork, and printed it out when I have a Zazzle site where I offer modest prices, most the cost of the product is the price that Zazzle charges for the materials/printing/shipping. I even offered to put any of my images from the site up another Zazzle with you being the one naming the amount above materials/printing/shipping I should charge. (I do not know how long this offer will stand.) Someone could easily take my images and use them without asking me.

So I especially need to respect a channelers copyright. Bashar picks his price for a reason, just like I need to pick the percentage of royalty I get on every image.

So I am apologizing to Bashar for browsing clips on Youtube. I just bought a Channeling called Allowance that had some interesting questions. I got the video, but considering my connection speed, it might have been better to get audio. I might be up late again, and tomorrow I need to get up early.

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