Things will Change


I am remembering talking to an engineer who was worried about WWIII happening. I wanted to comfort him, as I recall various sources, and channelers who believe we have Awakened to a point that WWIII isn’t going to happen. Yet, a nuclear engineer (had to stop and look up what nu meant… Nu is frequency or new. So Nuclear means either Frequency Clear or New Clear)…. a nuclear engineer with a Doctorate isn’t going to be comforted by channeled information quite as readily.

So I tried my best with ‘academic sources.’ There was a study I heard about that said that the amount of time needed to break a cultural habit had passed since the end of WWII. It has been long enough since the last WW that the habit is broken.

I wasn’t able to quickly google search the study to show you, but found this article on the week, Don’t worry: World War III will almost certainly never happen. The article argues that we the world is so global now, with economies being interdependent, that starting a war with another country would not be a wise move. Also the internet has lead to us being connected socially as well, along with quick and easy travel making it so that we often meet people form other countries.

I hadn’t read this article at the time, so couldn’t do a good job comforting the Doctorate holding Engineer. Yet, perhaps that I suggested that there was a reason it won’t happen was enough to bring comfort.

If you came across this site, you likely are comforted enough by channeling. I could tell you that Kryon stated many times, we were not going to have a WWIII. David Wilcock, who knows lots of insider information, says that E.T. had made all nuclear weapons inoperative. He listed endless news articles about Nuclear facilities ‘accidentally’ powering down. I have heard similar statements from other channelers like Zorra.

A lot of people would look at me funny if I stated the last paragraph. So, I will make the simple argument. Have you ever seen change in your life? Have you seen the rise of the Internet, or anything that is just not what it used to be. Do people seem to be different from how you remember them when you were young.

Yes, things change. People change. Historically there has always been this thing called change. Not happy with the way things are? Chances are it will change. Some things change fast, some things change slow.

I was watching today, this person called Michael Tellinger, and his talk about the Ubuntu Movement. It is a funny idea to hand over money for change. I am visualizing those tip jars that say, “Fear change, leave it here.” A funny idea to fear change. Something we have all fallen victim to.

Yet, at the same time we long for change. We feel to confined in our boxes. Now I am have a memory from my life. I’d stand on my bed and put one hand on the celling, and one on the wall. I’d think, “This is my box. If I push against this wall the hand does not go through.” So we are living boxed lives, in box house or apartment. (On a side note, I don’t think many children have ever done that.)

Once Kryon was talking about walking thru the door, instead of knocking/trying to open it. So I closed my door and checked. Nope I still could not walk through the door any more then I could put my hand magically through the wall. The next channeling I heard from him he emphasized that he speaks metaphorically. I laughed silently wondering if anyone else had literally tried to walk thru a door. Sometimes I just have to test reality. Does this rule still apply?

You never know when things will change. Ghosts can walk through doors. In fact Corey Goode, from Cosmic Disclosure, talked about the Secret Space Program, and various government programs having the technology to walk through walls.

You know, when I naturally die, I bet you I will be able to walk thru a door. After studying countless Near Death Experiences, I kind of look forward to death. So many places to visit, being able to go from Tokyo to Mars in an instant. Why only travel to Mars when you can go to the furthest star just as fast? To look at a star in the sky and then go visit the planets around it. This is just the beginning. Think of a food, and create it right then to eat. Instantly manifest a whole planet to live on. Understand the workings of everything.

I am having a little too much fun and getting majorly side tracked. The channeler Kryon reports that there will one day be a world without money, but that it will take time. The blessed thing is, REINCARNATION. Chances are even if it takes a long time for the world to reach that state of total abundance, you will be there.

If you want to learn about the world without money visit, the Ubuntu Party. I have not donated to them, yet, but it might be a good way to turn your money into change.

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