Updates on my Life, and shows/channelers I follow


I try not to talk about certain issues on this Blog. Every time I have written about it, it was up maybe 5 minutes before coming back down. I just want to vaguely let you know there is drama in my life sometimes. I am recovering today from Drama. Seems only 2 weeks ago, that I was in Drama before this.

Monday is a day of the week I wait for during the week. I watch Wisdom Teachings on Monday on Now I also watch Ancient Origins on gaia on Mondays too. Another thing I wait for on Monday is the Brenda Hoffman Blog Channeling. On Tuesday I read the Sheldan Nidle Channeling, and watch Cosmic Disclosure on, once things slow down. On Fridays, Brenda Hoffman is on BlogTalkRadio, and Michael Quinsey channels his higher self. Along with Angel Souls coming out with the weekly Angel Card reading on either Thursday or Friday.

The thing about Wisdom Teachings is that the moment the show is over, I am waiting for the next week’s episode. Currently David Wilcock on the show is talking about Ascension, based on historical records and The Law of One. David Wilcock is really into The Law of One, which is a channeled book series, I have not read. Considering how long the book series is, I am just going to let David slowly highlight different texts from the books.

(BTW David Wilcock’s Wikipedia does not come close to covering his full work. There is no fixing it either. Others will argue the points made.)

Currently, David is likely working on his book Ascension Mysteries coming out in August. The dateline, for the release date not being pushed back, is the 15th of March… tomorrow. So with all the drama going on in my life, I can picture David Wilcock hurrying to put the final touches on his book.

Upon request from David Wilcock (on his show Wisdom Teachings) I have pre-ordered the book to help it release on the New York Times Bestsellers List. So that the work will maybe be taken seriously by the Mainstream Media. So now when David Wilcock makes the request for viewers to buy his book and help him, I can think… yep did that.

After David Wilcock emphasized (for the umpteenth time) that he doesn’t make much money from his books or shows, so this isn’t about money… I randomly felt called to Donate $25 to David Wilcock. However, because it would not be fair to Donate money to David Wilcock and not Corey Goode, I then had to Donate $25 to Corey Goode. Perhaps they can both get something good to eat with the $25. (I am so good at Saving money for a Apple Product it amazes me. Yet, even with the donations I should have saved up $850 of the amount needed by the end of the month.)

Cosmic Disclosure is on its last season. Which makes me wonder what will happen to Corey Goode after his hit show is over. He is currently setting up a Full Disclosure Project. You can visit the site, but it is a work in progress at this point.

So this Update was to talk, and to give some shout outs. I love giving shout outs, and wish I had more viewers to read the shout outs. (If you haven’t noticed I have a Blogroll of Shout Outs on the side of this site. I tried to get it to pop more then the normal Blogroll.)

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