Observations on the Second Wave


I was watching some older episode of Cosmic Disclosure today. The first two that were by far my favorites. Before the introduction of things like the A.I. threat.

People like Corey Goode and David Wilcock live in a completely different world than Matt Kahn. Matt Kahn says ascension is going to happen, and there is no mistake you can make to stop it. In fact, 1/3 of the planet has ascended already. David Wilcock is being told (by who knows who… I think it was the Sphere Beings Alliance) that ascension will be delayed for 100 years if there isn’t a Full Disclosure.

Imagine the amount of stress David Wilcock must be under with that belief. If he only knew that the only way ascension will be delayed is if it is the Divine Will for it to be delayed. If he only knew that the power of the cabal can easily be overthrown if the individual starts painting reality as if they are not there. If the individual overcomes all the  belief of being limited by a closed Pineal Gland.

I think David Wilcock will be a leader for the Second Wave of Ascension. A wave that demands Disclosure. The way a warrior soul ascends is different from the priest soul. The First Wave was that of the Priest souls. It is necessary for David Wilcock to believe that ascension is on the line, in order for him to evolve. It is necessary for the warrior soul to face the shadow in a battle without blood. For the battle is not played out like the battles of old on the battle ground. That kind of battle was too costly in life.

I am right on the boundary of the First and Second wave. I have a choice of a sort, in which wave I follow. I think you already know I am a little too impatient to not ascend as soon as possible.

I had first heard about the Second Wave being that of Warrior Souls from a channeling on… I think it was Indian in the Machine which I deleted my link to because it was sometimes quite negative.

Yet, observation has proven this is true. The Second Wave isn’t going to be a replication of the First. They have different issues to work through.

While contrasting what I am observing of the Second wave with the First, I concluded that the First Wave was Priest souls by myself. Matt Kahn is a leader in the First Wave. David Wilcock will be a leader in the second.

The differences between these two people illustrate the differences you will find in the two waves.

For those in the First Wave, “Enjoy the Show.” You got to board the plane of ascension first, as Matt Kahn says. You get to enjoy the nice air conditioned plane, while the Second Wave getting ready to board is still waiting in a hot and noisy airport.

Those in the First Wave will find themselves strangely secure as the Second Wave goes on their journey. The Priestly First Wave face the shadow looking within. The Warrior Second Wave faces the shadow outside of themselves.

The Second Wave is the kind to go on Epic journeys like the Lord of the Rings. The First Wave is a bit more like Gandalf in the Hobbit. (The book The Hobbit, not the movie.) After guiding the Second Wave we take a trip to go skiing, and return telling Bilbo we were fighting a battle in the north. Skiing can be a battle. You know all that seating on the ski lift, and drinking hot cocoa.

Officially the book the Hobbit never stated that Gandalf was skiing while everyone was lost in the woods, but I know Gandalf’s secret. We in the First Wave know that the Second Wave needs to face this battle with the shadow, and know that everything is divine so it is safe to just go on vacation.

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