Highlights from David Wilcock’s 3-6-16 “Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!” article

I forgot to mention David Wilcock did release an article. It wasn’t the normal kind, but refreshing to hear from him. I have about him with oracle cards. It was the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Deck. I got ‘The Dream Walker’ ‘The Shadow Queen’ and ‘The Resting Tree.’ The only one upside down was ‘The Resting Tree.’ Meaning David might need some less time being busy and more time Sitting by the Dock of the Bay.

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David_Wilcock_Search171These are a few parts that “stood out” for me, and only relate to the “partial vs. full disclosure” theme. One point he makes is something that occurred to me after watching the new X-Files, and that is, “The first and second episodes of the X-Files miniseries reboot were a veritable manifesto for the partial disclosure roll-out.” Exactly.

In the end, I found it well worth my time to have read the entire article, even the personal points from David. By far, however, the title of “Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!” really says it all. Even if there are such things as economic reset, debt relief, RV of currencies, 911 truth, “Yes, Virginia, there is a secret space program” revelations, what is the point, if we go from Slavery System A (unaware of SSP, living in “crap” conditions) to Slavery System B (aware of…

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