Modified Theme Layout


I was getting the feeling that my site was too busy. So I took away a few panels on the sides. I had to redesign a few features, such as I had no space to include an image for every site on my Blogroll.

I used to just feature 50 of the Blogs I followed, but that was too much. I simplified to only a few (so those few would get greater focus), and had to take out some I had no image for.

I tried overcoming the space and lack of image problem by changing to the Link Only.


However nothing is eye catching about this list. So I took image captures of the names of the sites, and changed them to a standard width.

Results? I couldn’t screen capture the whole list, but here is a part of it. You can visit my site if you want the results.


Right now the Blogroll is above the Instagram which I only am showing two pictures from now. The order might be changed in the future.

The Follow Button location also looked awkward in the new layout, so it was moved from the image listed. If anyone doesn’t like that I used a captured image of their site name for a link image please tell me. I thought it was a good way to capture many personalities without taking up too much space.

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