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Hello Readers,

I have been attempting changing the way my name is displayed in comments. If you got a comment from me recently, I looked like someone new. However, I am back to peacenowflower, only now I am PeaceNowFlower.

So I will go into a history of my screen names. A number of other people have started using these names, forcing me to find a new one again and again.

My first sign in name on Aol was PhoenixWolfLight. There happened to be a book of stars next to me where I opened it up to a star named Phoenix… or was that a consolation. I liked Wolves. There was a game next to me with Lighthouse in the title.

My sister said my user name sounded like a kind of beer.

I also went by the name WolfDragon17 far before I was 17. I played Neopets, with this name a long time. People thought I was both 17 and a boy. I picked 17 because it was a favorite number. The account appears to no longer exist… I guess they don’t hold onto it forever.

I guess it isn’t a good idea to include all my old screen names in one post. Either way you see I have a common theme. 1,2,3. There are always three elements to my names. I try not to use numbers, but am forced to at times.

I was actually debating between Peace Now Flower, and Peace Snow Flower. I have used the phase Snow Flower in many of my user names.

Anyway. I am back to a name that bloggers can recognize me by, PNF. Celebration. Do you like my Celebration image? It was quick to make… like most my images.

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