Update on Waiting: David Wilcock


Last night I was watching some David Wilcock on Last month he announced an article was soon near the beginning of the month. On the 17th he announced he was sick and the article would drop within one to two days. He hasn’t updated his twitter since.

I am beginning to wonder if David is waiting for something to happen before he releases his article. Or perhaps he had set aside time in his busy schedule to write the article, and hasn’t been able to make time now that sickness took away that time. I will admit to checking his twitter almost daily to see if he as released the article.

The number of topics it could cover are wide. There is no indication of what the theme of this disclosure will be. Positive/Negative?

It almost doesn’t matter as much to me as you think. My brain is fascinated by each addition, but I don’t think it is Full Disclosure or the end of the world. The path which the future takes will only be the best for the growth of individual souls. In a sense, Full Disclosure isn’t what David Wilcock defines it as.

Full Disclosure to me, is after you die, when you download all you have forgotten and receive the true answers to every question you asked. David Wilcock’s Disclosure is a human one, filled with the limits of human understanding.

I enjoy his talk about Ascension, and his talk about some sciences is inspiring. It is amazing that he was able to learn so much from the “Law of One.”

This is however, just one timeline. As humanity heals in the now, healing reaches into the past and future. I think I recently read that in Ron Head’s book. I, however, had heard it before from many sources.

The Disclosure that David offers is just one timeline, and often a negative one at that. It might not even include the timelines you traveled through.

I think that Matt Kahn, teaches a very important element to understanding, “All is Divine.”

All these horrible stories of the cabal, or whatever evil organization, are here to help you grow. Monsanto didn’t create GMO’s to poison the food supply. It was created so humans would have the chance to stand up for themselves through the food they eat. They might not have known what the were really doing.

A lot of these evil organizations poisoning the planet are there for you to realize your power. The power of the little things you do, and the big things you do.

The world presents you with countless choices on how you will stand up for what you believe.

Will you give your body Love, by paying more for organic? Will you show animals Love by eating only pasture raised meat? The choice is often to Love, or pretend not to Love.

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