Do not give up on Hope


This post will only be up shortly, but I really wanted to say this. As someone with a mental illness, I realize how hard it can be to be told, “You are ill, and you will be for the rest of your life.” One goes on the ups and downs just wanting to feel better.

You are given medication in hopes that you will be cured, and don’t have the energy to do much beyond what you are told. Yet, if you can get good nutrition, and walks in, you might find that you are better beyond what you thought.

The important is to keep up hope. No one knows if the future holds a cure. It might be closer then you imagine. It might end up being more linked to digestion, and the thyroid then you might have thought. So getting good nutrition/probiotics might be able to help you as much as any medication.

You might not actually be dealing with your illness the rest of your life. New discoveries can come in a flash. Things you thought could never change, might end up changing sooner then you think.

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