The Winds of Change


The Winds of Change are blown. Wither it just be the strangely warm weather that has changed, or a deeper more lasting change. The Battle between Winter and Warmth rages on, and Winter seems to be losing. Each day that a surprisingly warm spring like day greets me instead of the frigid cold, I rejoice in the sun. I tend to dress too warmly on these days. Wondering if Winter will sneak back up on me and blast me with an unprepared cold.

With this Spring something else might be waking from the Winter slumber. All the channelers are intensifying the ‘Soon-ness’ factor. I personally am waiting for David Wilcock’s next disclosure. When he first posted that there was an article coming near the beginning of the month, I noted it as posted around the beginning of the month. This was the same last time he announced an article, and the article didn’t come out till after the 20th. Thinking a pattern might be at hand, I figured it would be around the 20th that the article would appear.

I still checked his site often to see if I was wrong in my estimation. I think there is a 18 day time lag between David announcing a big article and the release of the article.

It seems the forces that were try to delay by big and small events.

I continue my task of being a cleaning sponge of energy. Not just any sponge, but a catalyst kind of sponge. Any negative greeting I face, soon finds itself covered in positive energy. I simply wring out the negativity from myself and Soap transforms it to cleanness.

They say that in the next dimension the duality between positive and negative fades. It is no longer about clearing energy, and judgement that something is good or bad lessens.

I do not know what the future holds, but the sound of the wind rushing by tells me something is changing. The empty branches of the trees dance in glee. Yes, the trees are swaying their arms  to the music of  the wind. They know that Spring is one day closer. I wonder if we will have the earliest spring in quite a long time. The trees have not yet put out any buds, so I am hesitant to declare what my heart hopes, that spring is here in record time.

(I am not the biggest fan of Winter.) I think that the intensity of the ‘Soon-ness’ factor of channelers is a bit like if I declared that Spring had Sprung. This Winter there has been plenty signs of Spring coming early, I have seen an increase in birds already. Some, I think, have made an extra early migration North. Yet, the biggest sign is when the buds appear on trees.

While technically this Winter was short, what channelers are thinking of is another kind of Winter that has been long, and we all see the signs of Spring. I would not be surprised if this Long Winter (how long depends on who you ask) ends with the end of the current Winter.

It has signs of ending early, but I am sorry the Winter might not end in February. The official end of Spring is less then a month away. Usually (depending on where you live) the feeling of Winter hangs in the air after the Spring Equinox. This year it might start feeling like Spring before the Equinox.

It is a real battle right now, between the warm and cool. Warm days are quickly followed by the Coldest Day of the Year. Yet, the date of the Equinox is set in stone. Winter ends every year, even if the feeling of Winter seems to be hanging in our minds all year, year after year. This Spring, let the Winter of the Heart End.

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  1. I’ve noticed such a change in the weather, it’s 73 degrees in my house today, so weird!! I would love for it to stay warm, I’m not a big fan of winter either. I do feel something bubbling up for spring time with our collective consciousness, like we will all become more like butterflies out of the cocoons of winter.

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