Its Broken? Lets fix it!


I’ve been catching up on Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock. His recent revolution about Martians, rings true in my mind. Overall I have a strange desire to reconstruct the missing planet. I wonder if we will ever have that ability. As it seems it awful waste to lose such a big planet.

It seems to be a consistent thought process, whenever I hear about the planet that became the asteroid belt. My only fear is that the rebuilding of a planet from the bits of asteroid would result in a planet just as negative as the reason the planet got blown up to begin with.

It is quite possible that floating around in the asteroid belt is an unharmed core essence of a planet. With the right technology it might be beneficial to recreate what was lost.

Quite similar was my reaction whenever I heard Mars was once like Earth. My first thought is, lets fix it. Yet, now that Mars was once a Moon, it might be hard to fix it without fixing the planet it rotated around.

They say that we about to gain new abilities, ascension. It might be wise to put our abilities to use, and get creating. There is something broken. We just need the know how on fixing it.

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