Twitter Update: David Wilcock


I am not sure if there are any followers who are actually interested in Disclosure, but the great David Wilcock has been preparing another article. The last one bit of Disclosure he released was intense. It was about Isis, the Paris Attack, 9/11, and banking.

Since that November bit of Disclosure, David Wilcock has been busy working on his book, and show. He hasn’t released anything on his site for Months and didn’t update his twitter much.

His last article was hard to process. I turned away from the need for knowing the workings of disclosure and trusted that it would happen with or without my attention. Yet, I am not one to turn away from a topic for long, even if knowing the workings of the cabal left me with a bad taste.

I turned to my Spirituality as the focus of my mind, but even though I deleted links to many channelers I had discovered after I had integrated the information I was drawn back into the disclosure timeline.

I am not one of those crossing my fingers and hanging my happiness on disclosure. To me, it feels more like watching history unfold.

I haven’t invested in any RV. Revaluation of old currency is hardly on my mind. Though during my confusion as to what RV was, I did come up with the concept of the U.F.O. R.V. Which is an entertaining idea which might be lifetimes from actualization.

I do not know if this next Disclosure will be any easier to digest. I am hoping it will be a little more on the fun side, and less on the *insert Darth Vader breath* side.

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