Bentinho Massaro

Sold Out… wa wa wa (and my path with different Teachers)

Remember the Beyond the Ordinary Matt Kahn offer from the last season? I had been thinking of buying after seeing what special was going to be on Monday, Jan. 11, 2016. I was wondering if I should buy it early today, and checked the offer.

It’s now Sold Out. I didn’t know there was a limit at all. Lesson learned to not wait over a month to buy something on Beyond the Ordinary.

I will take it as the Universe saying, ‘Those teachings were not for you.’

I have been talking about Matt Kahn a lot lately. I reverted my last post about him to a draft. As it talked about family, and I am not allowed to. I also reverted my last post, that was up for one hour. That post will be a mystery. (It was about Security Blankets and having no idea where one would come from.)

Anyway, life continues. I think I might be talking about Matt Kahn a lot more for a while, considering I only just started the Angel Academy audios from the special offer.

Matt Kahn’s message of Love is what made him my favorite teacher. I’d like be writing about Bentinho Massaro otherwise, and a completely different person.

I guess when the student was ready, the student (me) was offered a great number of teachers.


Thinking back, the first I remember is Teal Swan. I used to wait for her videos. Yet, I will admit I didn’t listen to her at when I first heard of her because she freaked me out somehow. I think it is the intensity of her eyes. Unexplainably I just suddenly stopped watching her videos. I wasn’t upset by anything she said, but she no longer resonated with me.

My next great Spiritual teacher (who doesn’t consider himself spiritual) was Bentinho Massaro. I had come across a post about him maybe a full year before I finally decided to watch one of his videos. I have to say, he greatly shaped my reality and provided me with many metaphors to think about. (The Painting your reality metaphor is my most repeated one.) He was going through a phase where his teachings were especially empowering.

At the exact same time that I finally decided to listen to Bentinho, I came across Matt Kahn. I listened to one of his videos and it was transformative. Somehow the two videos seemed linked. I first needed to explore the Epic side of life by learning from Bentinho.

For a while, I was listening to both teachers, one blasting me with Love, and the other Empowerment. The message of Love won. It was a slow victory, but I suddenly started listening to Bentinho less, and less. Then Bentinho stopped posting as many videos on Youtube. Recently he started to post a little more, but then he stopped again.

While Bentinho was gone from Youtube, I got tired of waiting for Matt Kahn to post videos and started researching Pleiadians. First on Youtube. This lead me to a Channeler who seemed at first to speak of Love, but overall had a message of Fear. She said she was channeling Pleiadians.

In a Youtube link was the Channeler Kryon, and he was inspiring. He had a similar feel to Matt Kahn, but with layers of fascinating detail about the Soul, and Reincarnation. I was soon listening to quite a bit of Kryon (and I still do). I was going back in the archives on his site and listening to old messages. Yet, I felt his current message the most inspiring, so stopped looking into the Archives.

So I now was waiting for Matt Kahn’s new videos and Kryon’s audio. I didn’t like waiting for messages and continued my search, now including the concept of Channelers, credit to Kryon for opening up my mind to Channeling and not just Spiritual Teachers.

Matt Kahn talks about the water of many spiritual teachings that only makes you more thirsty for more teachings. It is a bit of a journey, that gives me plenty of inspiration for topics to write on, and something to listen to while doing artwork.

Yet, if I had to choose one teacher, I’d pick Matt Kahn. I think that listening to a variety offers me different viewpoints. I wouldn’t quite understand our shaping of our own reality quite as well without Bentinho. So am glad I do not have to choose one.

Having just one teacher can be dangerous, where you give away too much of your power to one person. Having many teachers lets you only pick what resonates.

I am thinking of decreasing the number of Channelers I follow. Now I have 94 hours of Matt Kahn, and a book to focus on for a while. Who knows how many times I will have to read his book, and re-listen to the same audio. Plus, thankfully, Matt Kahn keeps on offering new teachings.

Sometimes I think of joining Bentinho’s Academy. As I admitted to before, I joined and made it through three lessons, but felt it wasn’t right for me. There was one lesson I couldn’t get past and thought about for a week before deciding I didn’t need to understand the world in this way. So I am a Trinfinity Academy dropout.

Bentinho certainly goes above and beyond in the need for understanding. I admit that I didn’t listen to all of the retreat he recently posted. I started listening to his explanation of his teachings, and, after he had gone over what I already knew, my understanding dropped off. I had no idea what he was saying, so skipped to the video with an interesting title about Negative Entities… which I posted because it resonated.

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