One day closer to 2016

For a while I was watching David Wilcock often on Wisdom Teachings. It was fascinating some of the things I learned, but, after finishing all but one or two seasons, I have withdrawn from the show.

I think I learned enough of what I needed to learn. It was giving me far to negative of a feeling to continue. I am still a member of, but do not know how much longer I will be.

I am now watching to see how the stage that is set up plays out. Many a Channeler has been making bold statements lately. Brenda Hoffman says that the Security Blanket will be manifest soon as a graduation present. Sheldan Nidle says there is a slight delay as the Masters observe Christmas, but transformation comes. (Waiting to see if Sheldon Nidle will be posting today, or is too busy with Holidays.) Hollow Earth Network, says that RV is very very close (any minute).

This is just the beginning of the number of Channelers saying something is happening soon. David Wilcock said Disclosure is soon on about… Nov 3. He wouldn’t be making bold statements without many sources informing him of something.

So as the Holidays unfold blessedly peacefully. (As far as I can tell as I do not watch the News.) Do you feel the charge in the air?

The New Year draws closer.

Will the Year be a Rain of Blessings after a drought? A Healing Rain that is the very Mana of Gaia.

Will it be a Hard Year of blinding Sun. Will we walk into the Sunrise eyes squinting.

A New Year, a New Sunrise. The Sun, gone in Winter, returns to the North.

The Warmest Winter I have ever seen to date. I’ve seen warm winters before. The Grass is still visible and green. I wonder if I had kept my garden and covered it during the brief colds, if it would have survived the winter.

My apartment building wasn’t designed for such weather. The heater needs to stay on in the surprise hot weather, and cold alike, for that is the kind of system it is on all winter. So the windows have been open quite often this winter.

I think one Channeler was saying that this is a sign of a more temperate climate to come… was that the Hollow Earth Morning Newsletter? I forget. Another Channeler thought this was a sign of the Cabal terraforming the weather.

I get to choose which timeline, no? I choose the good weather one.


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