Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn: Offer expanded

mattkahnIn case you read about the special Matt Kahn offer before Christmas, it has been expanded until… I am unsure when. Perhaps Matt Kahn wanted to give people more chances to get the offer.

Perhaps he is close enough to be released as a New York Times Bestseller that they are presenting the offer a little longer.  My guess is that it might only be until the book is released on Jan 5.

I forgot to mention that the offer comes with an audio of Matt Kahn reading what I think is the book. When I figured this out, I stopped the Freedom from Judgment Retreat to listen to the book. I am only to Session 7 or 8. I was trying to decide if Junior from Got7 would actually read the book. The Yes, No Oracle says he will only read it if I present it properly in the letter that comes with it.

I just might be posting that letter to Junior of Got7 as to why he should read Matt Kahn. I haven’t written it yet, and might ask for guidance in writing the letter.

I thought I should post the expanded offer in case you missed it before.

If the audio Matt Kahn is reading is indeed the book, then I can say that the book moved me to tears.

I have done my best to find time to listen but have been busy for the holidays. Still not home yet. Still at the home, I grew up in with my parents.

Last time I spent a long time here, I ended up in a state where it felt like a portal existed between my apartment and this room. The room is the same size as my room in my apartment and the bed is in the same location.

Last time I stayed here there are times I slept thinking I was at home and woke up confused for a brief moment. Then when I went to my apartment there were times where I felt I was sleeping in my old room at my parent’s house.

I am getting side tracked again. Yup, Yup, Yup.

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