Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn: Special Book Offer


Matt Kahn’s book, “Whatever Arises Love That,” is going to be released soon. On his website TrueDivineNature, you can find special offers based on however many books you buy.

The Offers end on Dec 25th.

I thought I should point out this offer in case any of you are Matt Kahn fans. If you buy from the offer on his site, even just one book, you get access to teachings that normally cost a lot more.

I could only afford the five book offer. The next one up is 25 books, and the biggest is 55 books. I don’t want to discourage you from buying, but I am going to later be giving away at least one of my five books on my Blog. (If I ever figure out how to run a Blog giveaway.)

I am also wondering if I sent one to Junior of Got7 as a Fan gift if he would ever read it. He was reading the English version of Harry Potter and has many books. I think he could really use some of the teachings. (You would have to watch Got7 Eng Subbed videos to know what I am talking about.)

Matt Kahn has helped me with my relationships a lot. If his book contains even a fraction of what his videos (on youtube) have taught me, its gold. I suspect that it includes what is taught in the videos and more.

The five book offer comes with 94 hours of teachings… I will have audio to listen to for quite a while. The books cost a little more than on Amazon, but the point was to get the audios of teachings.

So now you know where my extra money went this Month, this and I felt called to get a Past Life reading from a friend. Good thing I started buying Christmas gifts long ago. (I often start to buying right after Christmas to get the Christmas products on Sale. Then I store them all year.)

I hope it doesn’t cost too much to ship Matt Kahn’s book to Junior. I am still debating if he will ever read it. Yet, perhaps it could be enough of a life changer, that he will mysteriously be drawn to read this random book from a Fan. (Angels have been known to do that.) Perhaps it is Angels who are telling me to send the book too.

I have just started the audio that comes from the offer. Wow, I am only to track 3 of the Freedom from Judgment Retreat, and I am already glad I invested.

When I last invested in an Beyond the Ordinary Offer from Matt Kahn, it saved me hundreds on Shamanism. For it helped me come to terms with my ability instead of fighting it. I was ready to see a Shaman to push away any Spirits that could have attached to me. The only Shaman in the area would have charged me $300 cash. Then it likely wouldn’t have worked, so I would have needed to spend more.

In the Season 7 Matt Kahn BTO offer (took me forever to find the page where you can buy it) there is an audio, that says instead of running from the things that scare us, realize it is only chasing you because it thinks you are the gate to heaven. Instead of running, welcome it home to heaven. That is as much of a summary as I am going to give.

I was overreacting because two psychics, whom I was going to just discover more about Nexus, had told me he was a negative being. That I needed to take Salt Baths, Burn Sage and see a Shaman. Nexus is my Fae Friend.

The Beyond the Ordinary Offer was perfectly timed to calm me down. If book offer hadn’t come out, I was going to invest in the latest BTO offer (Season 8). As the Season 7, one included teachings, unlike his Youtube videos. Yet, I think in January (Season 9) he will be back on BTO with a new offer.

I hope they do not mind that I am posting an offer, as they are for listeners of the show. However, this is free advertising… and I don’t really think you will get the offer anyway.

Now that I have most likely only made you wish you had more money to spend this month, I say ado.

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