Channeling of Michael

Ahh, it is a blessed time. For many Channelers are sensing the energy of change, and some of you are getting upset that the spaceships have not landed. They are there, but you cannot see them. They have been there for longer then you think.

Lisa, channeling this message is worried. Worried that the change will not come, but it is already here. She is thinking I will say that the spaceship landing is a metaphor. Yet, the ships are real. She is afraid that many will be disappointed. She wants reassure you, that despite the lack of News, or your seeing of the spaceships, that the Channelers are not wrong.

She is well aware of the testing nature of this world. For before she cleared her mind and started writing her Channelings to ground them. She would think about times, and the nature of the world. She would get onto different timelines, and start thinking the background nature of the world was one way. Then she would switch to another timeline, and start thinking the nature is another way. Yet, how could this nature and the other co-exist. The truth is, that all these things were true. They were just true on different levels.

So too, are many Channelers accessing different timelines. You try to find the Channeler that best lines up with your timeline, and assume the others are wrong. They are not wrong, they are just wrong for you.

Some of you, will very well be on a timeline where space ships become visible across the world. Some of you, are on another timeline, that you do not realize is actually the right one for you. Some of you will see the current channeling turn into world transformation, others will see nothing. It is not that the channeler was wrong, but that you have a different path.

For some of you are facing a test. On how you will react when such great channelers who have inspired you are wrong. You will feel the sting of it not coming to pass as you hoped. Remember you are always taken care of. You choose to face the disappointment.

For here is a secret. In 2012 not only were there timelines where the world came to an end, but also timelines where it ascended as many predicted. This is coming to pass again, and as many are reading this, I cannot tell you personally what timeline you are on.

Some of you will see the Revaluation, and the defeat of the Cabal very soon, if that is necessary for your growth. Another great stage of evolution is in process. It is happening ‘Now’ as they are saying. However, some of you need a different kind of growth. You need to face disappointment and grow stronger. You have given too much of your power to Channelers. So your path is designed to delay the ascension until you know thyself.

I am sorry that the growing process is so slow, but have faith that you will be far happier then if we pushed everyone onto the same path. Everything is tailed for you on your path. You will create your own reality with your own paints and brush.

I would like to tell Lisa, the one Channeling, that she is on a slower path. She never needed to worry about her future, for she is in the hands of Angels, just like you.

Her mind drifted to something Zorra of Hollow Earth said. Because I want to make the same statement. Those who die in this world immediately are born into the 5-d form. I am pointing out this statement because death is only a loss for those on Earth. They will miss the dead, but the dead are in joy. They have powers beyond any on Earth, and no longer need to worry about Worldly things.

I am pointing this out because some of you have picked a hard path. One where the cabal continue for too long for your liking. It is so you can come to realize Death is nothing to fear, that you are untouchable at the Soul level.

I wanted to do this Channeling, because we are coming to a dividing of timelines like one we haven’t faced since 2012. Some of you are fearing that you are on the hard path. Fear is the main thing you need to learn how to transform. I repeat that you are in good hands. Nothing can really harm you. Death is not the end. The cabal is like the monster in the closet. You give it the power it has. Once you no longer Fear it, it disappears.

Yes Lisa, you may now read what is written. (I had to tell her to have faith in what I am saying and not to analyze it so much. It is good she is joining the mass of Channelers on the Internet, for she brings a different set of experiences. I ask you all to look up how to Channel, and start doing your own.)

Upon reading I have a question… is it true that those who do not ascend now will have to wait a long time until the next ascension.

That depends on your definition of a long time. The last great path division was in 2012. It is now almost 2016. The point is not to fear missing a boat, for there is no one boat. The message that told you of this harvest at 2012, was in fact channeled too. So it is right for some timelines, but not all. Not many reading this today have a long time to wait, but there are those who will not be ready for a long time. We would not force you to stay on a path after it is your time to leave. Everything is perfectly timed. Once the time is right for you, you will ascend. At that time the world around you will transform as all those around you will be ready too.

Are you sure you want me to post this? It could discourage people.

Only those who need to hear this will read the post. There are some who need to feel disappointment without comfort. And those who are ascending who do not wish to know of the many timelines, yet. Those who will read this can handle it. I ask you to post it. Now.

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