RV: Nope haven’t invested

deep_sea_coral There is some debate in my mind about RV. Revaluation. I question if I believe in Channeling enough to invest.

To avoid the question, I tell myself, I don’t need to be rich. If the world is changing where everyone will have enough to survive and prosper, why do I need to invest.

Yet, I have done some personal channeling. Revaluation might happen far sooner in time then the Libration of the World. My personal channeling which I have not spoken of so as to not discourage others, is that while many are now ascended to a high level, it will take a good amount of time before the whole world is ready for its ascension. It will be a slow process. Those who have ascended will be taken care of as they wait for the rest of the world to catch up.

The first wave has ascended, and, like Brenda Hoffman says, they are finding their security blankets. There are three waves, and it will take about 10 years for each wave to ascend. The Second wave are now entering their dark nights of the Souls. They started just when the First Wave have exited theirs. It is the purpose of the First Wave to Support the Second.

It took me about 10 years between the beginning of my Dark Night, and Ascension. So I am thinking it is a 10 year process. Some people will spread it out, and some will have intense growth near the end of the 10 years.

After the Second Wave has ascended. They in turn will support the process of the Third Wave. They will take our role as supporters, and they will have  their security blanket dream come true during that time. (Haven’t asked what happens to the First Wave then.) So it will be about another 10 years for the Final Wave before everyone has ascended.

You see the process is so intense that we don’t want the entire population going through it at the same time. It was broken up into thirds so the world would remain as stable as possible during the process.

So this is why both Kryon and Sheldon Nidle are right. The World is about to change so that the First Wave can have their security blankets. Yet, the full change is a 20 year process. Perhaps only 13 more years if the process speeds up during each wave.

So I believe that RV is going to happen to help prove many security blankets at once. As I do not currently have money to invest in RV, and suspect that many others do not have that money yet. I think, while RV is soon, it is being delayed so that more people can take advantage of it.

Yet, our Soul and Spirit guides are resourceful. If you do not feel called to invest in RV, do not. You will still have just as great of a security blanket. Your guides will just have to create another plan.

It is still hard to read about RV being within Minutes or ‘Now,’ and not having invested. I spent my extra money this month on things I felt important (gifts, supporting others, myself). I have limited income and am on a budget for the rest of the Month. So I cannot run out and invest. So I told my guides if they want me to take advantage of the RV, they need to provide me with the money to do so. Otherwise, we will just have to come up with another plan.

I fully acknowledge the existence of many different timelines. This is just my timeline.

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